In 1996 I voted Green - Clinton won and the only person who ever hassled me about my vote was a Perot voter.

In 2000 I voted Green - Bush stole the election.

In 2004 I fell for the bs 'existential threat' argument and voted for the lesser evil - Bush won anyway. 1/
In 2008 I voted for Hope and Change and Universal Healthcare - I was so happy when Obama actually won.

In 2012 Obama had continued and even amplified many of Bush's terrible policies so I voted Green - Obama won. 2/
In 2016 I voted Green - Trump won.

So I've voted Green 4 times and even though the Dems and Republicans have split those elections, 99% of the people who whine about my vote are Dems. 3/
It sure seems like the candidate's strength has more to do with whether they win than my paltry vote. Guess we'll see in November.

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