Learning that your ability to receive your manifestations is partially correlated to your ability to receive your body’s sexual energy & orgasms.

All that bullshit about staying celibate to preserve your holiness?

Propaganda to keep you out of your body, away from your power
You may be able to receive your manifestations without really embodying yourself, but are you able to truly RECEIVE your manifestations? Like, APRECIATE them

Aka the money hungry feeling /people who strive for fame yet it not matter how successful you are you don’t feel alive
I also don’t find it a coincidence that it’s more acceptable for men to display sexual energy in our patriarchical society.

Men get to embody themselves, women don’t. Not owning that 2nd chakra allows foreign energy (most likely, their husband’s) to have full control.
Even in the spiritual community I see a lot of talk about staying celibate to preserve your creative energy...

In my personal truth, I see sexual energy & creative energy linked. The easier your sexual energy flows, the easier your creative energy flows
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