Testing makes it crucial, beyong the ICEBERG analogy or phenomena in case of #Covid_19
major virus shredders are people are positive but have mild or even no symptoms.This group spreads the disease most.
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Severe disease often report to hospital immediately and are isolated in a way. Also the presence of #SARS_COV_2 in lower respiratory tract makes it less transmissible than its location in upper respiratory tract in cases with mild or no symptoms.
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As we know, 80 % will only have mild or even no symptoms. Relying only on symptom check list can be tricky and falsely reassuring. If adminstration can test everyone in quarantine and close contacts we still can contain it. #SARS_COV_2 #Covid_19 @listenshahid @kansalrohit69
Ideally clinical testing and community level testing both should be done to determine not just the tip but the actual size of an “Iceberg”.
PCR is best test as it shows active infection and its tgat we want to know. @kansalrohit69 @listenshahid @dcjammuofficial
Hoping positively for this pandemic to be over. Great efforts are in place everywhere. We must ramp up the testing and it has to be PCR ideally.
Best wishes @dcjammuofficial @kansalrohit69 @listenshahid
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