I wasn’t going to vote for Trump in Nov. Completely against it. Registered as an indy. Would rather to not have voted. Totally moved on & done with him. Then the pandemic happened and somehow the media got even worse. The lies, the nonsense, the “OMG Trump said You People” Crowd
The constant disrespect, The BS out of Jim Acosta , CNN & esp Paula Reid acting like an animal today. sick of having to read 25 articles to get to the truth. If I ever even wind up finding it. Sick of reading crap blaming him for nonsense. It’s a bunch of unprofessional losers
Disgusted by “correspondents” calling the US a shithole & implying China is good. so where does that leave me? 1st in line at the ballot box bc while you’re screaming “OMG TRUMP!” It would bring me great joy to give the media & the crazies another four year meltdown. 🖕🏽
This doesn’t mean I really like Trump or think he’s all that great but I dislike the media more. They are out of control. I would bet there are a ton of people exactly like me. My vote was up for grabs. They’re just too crazy to my left.
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