1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 13, 2020

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2) In November of 2018, President Trump famously retweeted a meme showing a number of political figures in jail.
7) Q posted the meme tonight.
8) Note the filename is a countdown from 5 through 1.
9) I take the countdown as a hint that indictments are coming.
10) I don't know if this is what prompted Q's post, but today, former U.S. Attorney Joe Digenova dropped some bombshells about U.S. Attorney Durham's investigation of spygate.
11) Joe Digenova: "If John Brennan doesn't have a lawyer now, he'd better get one because the indictments are coming."
12) Di Genova also said Rod Rosenstein is in deep trouble.
13) Justice is about to catch up to James Comey and Andrew McCabe.
14) Would POTUS retweet a meme like this if he had no intention of bringing to justice those who illegally spied on him?
15) Would he put his life on the line if he had no plans to hold accountable those who are trying to harm him?
16) Why would corrupt politicians, corrupt media and corrupt Hollywood elites try to destroy Trump if they didn't perceive him as a threat?
17) Corrupt people have walked free in the past, so it's understandable if you believe no one will be held accountable.

The human mind is programmed to believe that what has happened in the past will happen in the future.
18) I've been watching current events and I believe it's only a matter of time before the indictments are unsealed.
19) I spy with my little eye

.... a punisher lapel pin.
20) Video
21) Q posts a retweet by POTUS about indictments.

POTUS tweets a video with Hannity wearing a punisher lapel pin.
22) Coincidence?

Today, when asked if he knew the tweet he retweeted had a #FireFauci hashtag, POTUS said, "Yeah, I notice everything."
23) Why doesn't the media ask POTUS about those Q hashtags he's always retweeting?

24) @M_RevereUSA was Q'd for this tweet.

25) Q's response.

(I'm not seeing anything relevant in the filename)
29) Q provided instructions to anons on how to interpret his posts.

(Many people interpret them incorrectly because they ignore Q's instructions and interpret them however they want.)
30) This thread covers the instructions Q gave for researching and interpreting his posts. 👇 https://twitter.com/prayingmedic/status/1217864483609051136
31) In November of 2017, Q asked anons who Betsy DeVos was and why she was relevant.
32) An anon replied with a flowchart showing how DeVos and her brother Erik Prince were connected to POTUS.
34) Q's reply suggested Prince knows where the bodies are buried (he has compromising information on corrupt people.)

Q asked anons to re-read the "map."

The map is a collection of all of Q's posts.
35) An anon noted that Prince gathered info on bad actors and now POTUS has that information.
36) Q asked anons to expand further on that idea.

Q's posts (the map) had 43 confirmed connections (as of November of 2017) that needed to be made.
37) Q provides clues and direction.

Through social media and word of mouth, we are the voice that speaks truth to the world.

We are the calm before and during the storm.
38) This morning, Q posted a graphic showing members of the media and their relatives who are political figures.

29 national and 98 local connections have yet to be made between members of the media and their relatives who are political figures.
42) POTUS and his team have decided it's time to turn up the heat on the media's bias and dishonesty.
43) Which might explain what happened at yesterday's coronavirus briefing.
45) Q posted a link to a tweet by @EverythingQAnon

46) VIdeo from the tweet.
47) Dig

48) POTUS discusses with patients the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine against various diseases.

H/T @VincentCrypt46
49) This response to the above tweet was posted by Q.

50) In a previous post, Q noted that cures for diseases are sometimes concealed because it's more profitable to sell us a lifetime of treatment than a one time cure.

Hydroxychloroquine is cheap and effective therefore, the technocratic establishment would naturally oppose it.
51) Billions of dollars in research grants are at stake in the war over cures for diseases.

If cheap and effective cures were suddenly announced, all that research money would dry up.
52) https://twitter.com/Jordan_Sather_/status/1250127296180015105
53) If you're wondering why Drudge suddenly became a liberal news outlet, they were sold to a foreign company.
Their non-disclosure agreement expires the day after the election.
54) Q wrote: [removal [blackout] coming of pro_POTUS accounts]

The night Joe M was suspended, I had a dream suggesting that I'm next on the list.

If my social media accounts are terminated, (including youtube) you can find me on my website. http://prayingmedic.com 
55) Q wrote:
Win by any means necessary.
All assets will be deployed this election.

If corrupt people can't remove Trump and Barr from office, they'll all go to prison.

Therefore, they'll use every trick in the book.
56) Q wrote:
Sleepers [Pro] will shift position [Nay].
[Paul Ryan_Fox]

Fox has turned anti-Trump, in part because Paul Ryan is on the board of Directors.
57) Those who have pretended to support the President will show their true colors this year.

(I'm not going to name names. If you're observant, you'll see it happen.)
58) POTUS calls himself a wartime President.
The war is not military.
(At least not yet.)
It's a silent war.
There is an invisible enemy that attacks us with [dis]information.
59) Mass deplatforming from social media isn't a new subject.

In 2018, when asked why he deleted posts from /patriotsfight/ Q said the board was (at the time) for main points of interest, but in the future, it would serve as a hub for all Q related discussions.
60) You can avoid deplatforming by being careful about what you post, but if the keepers of social media want you gone, there's little you can do to avoid the ban hammer.

(If your content is important, you should have redundant online and offline backups for it.)
62) Q posted a link to the above article and a link to a tweet by Tom Fitton.

The screencap is a post where Q questioned the timing of events surrounding the impeachment of POTUS, the November election, and the coronavirus pandemic.
63) Isn't it odd that the pandemic effectively halted congressional investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden's criminal activities?

State Department FOIA requests are on permanent delay.

Who benefits most?

65) 😎 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1250067500190089217
66) Dems know that if they can't cheat, they can't win.

Pain and Panic.
67) You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard.
70) Win by any means necessary.
71) After POTUS announced he would cut funding to the World Health Organization, Q dropped a link to a Tweet where WHO's Director bragged about how much assistance the organization gives China.

72) Note the statue in the center of the image in the previous tweet.
73) Q posted a link to the Britannica entry for the Hindu deity Shiva.

74) Elites like to display their beliefs openly through symbolism.

We gain a better understanding of their true agendas when we understand the beliefs represented by their symbolism.
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