Look, strategically, it is much harder to push a xenophobic, egomaniac who will openly do and say incredibly hateful things, then to push someone who doesn't 100% align with your politics, but can be held accountable. You are so angry because Bernie didn't get the nomination?...
... So I'm I. I worked my butt off in 2016 to elect him and continued in 2020 in a different capacity. But I will be very likely fricken undocumented again when SCOTUS makes a decision on DACA. I don't have the privilege to be "Bernie or bust". Trump will deport me & my mom.
In 2016 I was so angry, that decided to stay completely out of the general election. I was SO angry at Hilary and the DNC. You have no idea. Now I regret it so much. I still don't like Hilary, but I assure you we would have a movement holding her feet to the fire right now.
Now all we have is a nightmare of a government that has hurt so many people I work directly with & I'm TERRIFIED of a second Trump term. I do trust that Bernie is pushing Biden internally, and trust that the political revolution will be there to hold Biden accountable if elected.
"But Biden can't beat Trump," you might say. Well, someone has to beat his a** and the only one left is Biden, so it is on us to ensure that happens. "But it was so unfair..." I know! But what good does it do right now to focus on that? We're in a different stage of the election.
Familia, we are in a very dangerous situation. The DNC sucks. Biden is not the candidate many of us wanted. But let's not make the same mistake. Let's defeat @realDonaldTrump. Our planet and those of us who are the most vulnerable will suffer if we don't. Trust me.


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