shawn and camila really using their platforms and advantages by doing their best to help almost everyone in this really horrible situation that’s being affected....bringing so much happiness and light in dark❤️ i truly have the best idols🥺👉🏼👈🏼
shawn and camila participating in global citizen’s togetherathome concert lives, entertaining and bringing joy all around the world to those at home and quarantined.❤️
camila’s beautiful words and notes to everyone on her social media platforms through this dark time.❤️
shawn and his foundation donated $175,000 to the sickkids foundation so purchases of equipment needed for covid-19 can be made.❤️
shawn and camila on instagram live with meditation teacher and author, jeff warren to talk about meditation/mental health/self awareness and to also guide people through a meditation while in quarantine.❤️
shawn and camila participating in fox’s ‘at home living room concert’, entertaining the people at home and quarantined.❤️
shawn and camila surprising children hospital patients with virtual videos and chats with them, also some dancing.❤️
shawn and camila donating over $1,000 worth of cuban sandwiches to healthcare workers at the local hospital in their area, also supporting the bakery’s business during covid-19.❤️
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