1/ Some things needed to be said in 2016.

Only Trump would say them.

He could say them because he didn't seem to have the usual filters.

But whatever this wonderful glitch is -- autism? ADHD? narcissism? -- it has made him an exhausting president.
2/ This is the dilemma for those of us who aren't Trump voters but who also don't suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The atrocious way he's been treated by the media and elites (on Russia and a lot more) has unsurprisingly made him a sympathetic figure to a lot of us.
3/ But while I don't suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (a real thing by the way), I do suffer from Trump Fatigue Syndrome.

Why does he tweet the inane things he does? Why does he have to be so immature, blustery, inconsistent, and insecure?

Why can't he be more “normal”?
4/ But here's the thing: A “normal” person wouldn't have made the centerpiece of his administration the heroic and necessary gesture of building a wall on the Mexican border because a “normal” person would have known the massive triggering effect this would have on the elites.
5/ A “normal” person would have known that in triggering the establishment -- that myriad of institutions (e.g., academia, media, our large corporations) dominated by globalists and multiculturalists -- he would not have had much of a chance of getting anything done.
6/ But Trump isn't a normal person, or maybe he simply didn't give a damn.

And this is the kind of thing that has made him simultaneously thrilling and infuriating.
7/ At no time was I prouder of him than when he called Haiti a “s***hole country.”


Because Haiti demonstrably is a s***hole country, by almost any measure. It's the worst country in the hemisphere.

Everyone knows this.

But you're not supposed to say it.
8/ Oh, you might if it was a white country, of course. But we all know the rules, and we all meekly play along with them: You never talk this way about a non-white country.

But Trump did. He said something true that no other elected official would have dreamed of saying.
9/ There's something in Trump's wiring -- some glitch, some malfunction, or maybe divine spark -- that makes him oblivious to these kinds of rules, and to how a president is supposed to behave.
10/ So the Trump problem is this: We finally have a guy who doesn't hesitate to unapologetically go to some of those places where we desperately need to go as a country (like stopping illegal immigration and political correctness), but...
11/ ... the same set of psychological traits that makes him fearless and unique in this regard probably also produces the mercurial and unconventional and truth-bending behavior that can be so exhausting and infuriating.
12/ Maybe Trump's legacy will be that in forging his path he's made it easier for other people to run for national office who have some of his same good (and politically incorrect) instincts but none of his fatiguing quirks.
13/ This alone would make Trump's presidency very much worth the endurance test it's been so far for a lot of us centrists.
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