Nielsen news rankings for March out today. Biggest month in @GuardianAus history (internal & Nielsen), almost doubling our previous record month (January) to be the 4th most read news site in Australia. Thanks SO MUCH to the 11.6 MILLION Australians who read @GuardianAus in March
There's been absolutely huge growth across all news websites as people search out #coronavirus coverage in these difficult times. Thanks for entrusting @GuardianAus to provide that information. Get the big graphic
CORRECTION: My apologies, the text under that top 20 table should have read "March 2020", not "February 2020". Here's the table again with the corrected description text at the bottom.
. @GuardianAus had the biggest growth, +104% on February. The big shock is Nine dropping to 6th. Nine had already dropped from No3 to No5 in Feb. Now, in March, they've dropped again to 6th. Before Feb this year @9NewsAUS hadn't been below No2 or 3 since August 2016
It's the first time ever @abcnews has held No1 for 3 consecutive months, reaching 15.2m. The previous record Nielsen audience was 11.2m for @newscomauHQ in November last year. Also first time ever @7NewsAustralia has reached No3 and first time ever @GuardianAus has reached No4.
For some comparisons, here are the Nielsen rankings for February
And here are the Nielsen news website rankings for the previous year, March 2019
Surprised @ABCMediaComms haven't shared the @abcnews result yet, but I'll add it to the thread when they do.

But here is the @7NewsAustralia result. No3! Pretty remarkable, 7 only joined Nielsen in July last year. Congratulations @PhilGoyen!
I'm the first to highlight how much bigger our audience is, but should point out this is actually highest ranking for TheOz since Sep2018. That's last time they made top10. & they're up +101% on Feb. So actually recorded 2nd biggest growth in top10, behind @GuardianAus's +104%
Adding the @ABCMediaComms tweet about the @abcnews result. They've shared the Nielsen table that includes time spent. 7news has had huge growth in reach, but time spent is VERY low
Adding to this thread a couple of different ways of looking at the record digital news figures across Australia in March. Some of these will surprise you

Here's ranking by the raw numbers. @GuardianAus the biggest with +5.9m, followed by @abcnews with +5.2m

cc @meadea
Here's the ranking by percentage growth in Nielsen audience between February 2020 and March 2020. @canberratimes at No1 with 110%! That's up from 1.1m people to 2.3m. @GuardianAus at No2 with 104% growth and @australian at No3 with 101%

Even 30% at the low end is huge MoM growth
And finally two different measures of engagement. Page views per person (UA) and time spent

@newscomauHQ leads on PVs/UA, followed by ABC and @9NewsAUS

but @abcnews tops the list again for time spent (48min10sec), followed by newscomau, @theage & Nine
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