Please retweet it far and wide so we can get the widest possible polling

Who will you vote for in the presidential election @JoeBiden or @realDonaldTrump
In 204 days, we'll all have our chance to redeem ourselves, but it won't just be for ourselves.

Democrats, Progressives, and yes even Republicans will all come together and Vote Blue no Matter Who.
LOL roughly 242 votes all made at aprox midnight US and 9 am Moscow time

What a coincidence LMAO
200 retweets and 400 votes all in the last 20 minutes at 9:00 am Moscow time and 1:00 am EST

Now that's not obvious ;-) is it.
Oh and look at that, at 8:57 am Moscow time someone named motherteresa retweeted
Roughly half the accounts I checked turned out to be Trolls and Bots. Hardly unexpected given it's 2:30 am EST but 9:30 am in Moscow
This poll is a lot more lopsided than I'd thought it would be. Even after nearly 200 retweets.

There is hope people
There is hope
Interesting that some people claiming to be against Trump are so hostile towards this poll. And yes, by refusing to vote, voting third party or pretending baseless false equivalencies between the candidates is, Trolling for Trump.

Deal with it
Vote Blue no Matter Who
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