Me: I don’t feel bad that a company adding to the housing crisis might not be able to anymore.

Host: You spoiled Millennial! I worked HARD to make it difficult for you to live in your city! You don’t deserve housing affordability. WE deserve a return on all our investments!
For the record, I don’t doubt that they worked hard to run multiple Airbnb listings. But I'm not lazy, either: I’ve worked multiple jobs for ten years and saved aggressively with hardly a spare moment to myself. And my income doesn’t come with societal detriment.
Some people lean too far into the “all Millennials are lazy and entitled” narrative to talk sense into, esp. if they think risky investments that funded their uppity lifestyle are more important than basic human needs. Gen Zers will be met with this same vitriol later in life.
(I also understand that this person is from London, but it’s the same issue, different city)
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