Lots of discourse about adult/minor interactions lately.

I’m a compulsive nurturer & love the big sis/mom role. I will ALWAYS encourage you to set & maintain your own boundaries. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for why you mute, softblock, or block them. Myself included.
If you see an adult sexualizing a minor, “relying” on them for “emotional support,” or grooming them in any way, you don’t have to justify muting/softblocking/blocking/reporting that. Not all red flags signal disaster, but ALL RED FLAGS ARE RED FLAGS!
I am in my early thirties. If you want me to hype you up, tell you you’re valid, ask you to be gentle with yourself, report the tweets that bully you, I Am Here.

If you’re at all uncomfortable interacting w/someone my age, ignore or block me! It’s ok! Your account is YOURS ❤️
Even at my age I mute/softblock/block/report all the time. Especially when I see bullying, trolling, &/or prejudice. Trolls do not deserve my time or energy. Feed them ONLY if you want to.
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