I'll be doing a phone interview with a certain individual at 9:15 PM CST 10:15 EST..

That individual is Austin Steinbart

I've taken a lot of shit today from people because I green lighted an article to be posted at http://TheDCPatriot.com 

So let's ask some questions, Shall we?
I'm giving EVERYONE a chance to have their questions asked.

People obviously don't know me very well. I don't have a dog in this fight. But I'll be the vehicle since most people don't have the balls to take this on head on.

I'll ask the questions others are scared to.
I hope this makes sense..


No Softballs... This is the chance of EVERYONE who's pissed off at the world over an article asking some questions, to actually ASK SOME QUESTIONS..

So let's go, fire them off... Post your Questions Here!
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