As a left-winger who will not vote for Biden I want you to know I'm 100% okay with you blaming me if Trump wins a second term. I mean it. Blame me. Then get to thinking real hard how you're gonna get me to support your candidate the next time! Maybe even ask me, I'll tell you!
We shouldn't be defensive about this. If they're blaming us for Trump that's an admission that they need us to win. If they need us to win then they need to make concessions. Own it!
Even the best elected left-wing leaders in the country are terrified of the media & the club hating them. Why? They SHOULD hate you. If you're actually gonna succeed with any of your policy goals they're guaranteed to hate you! Wear it as a badge of honor! Fuck 'em.
If you're a left-wing politician and the media doesn't hate you you're doing something wrong.
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