PS/ The CNN chryrons on this are fabulous and painfully accurate
PS2/ The number of lies in this presidential rant is *staggering* and all the lies can be confirmed as lies via video
PS3/ 40,000 people (not a typo) came from the U.S. to China after Trump's "ban" because it was 100% *not a ban*
PS4/ Trump was the 50th world leader (not a typo) to issue travel restrictions because of the novel coronavirus so in no way whatsoever did he act "early"
PS5/ Trump issued his first travel restriction (with at *least* 11 gaping loopholes that made it not a ban, per the Washington Post) *30 days* after his first intelligence briefing on the dangers of the virus
PS6/ On March 11, Trump's Europe travel "ban" (which also was *not a ban*) excluded any European country where Trump owns a golf course
PS7/ CNN chryon #1:
PS8/ CNN chyron #2:
PS9/ Every time Trump says "no one could have predicted this" he is lying because multiple intelligence, trade, economics, and DHHS reports from the last four months of 2019 predicted *exactly* this scenario and he ignored them
PS10/ CNN actually had to pull away from coverage for awhile because the number of lies was so extreme the shot couldn't be carried live anymore; MSNBC had to drop it also—an extraordinary indictment of a president that he can't be aired live because he's spreading disinformation
PS11/ Anyone with access to YouTube or Twitter or Facebook can watch a *video compendium* of disinformation by Trump about COVID-19 extending from mid-January to mid-March, and the disinformation came as some Americans were looking to him for accurate information about a pandemic
PS12/ Really awkward when at 6:15PM EST he pronounced coronavirus "karanavirus" like the word was not one he had often said out loud
PS13/ Trump: "Everything we did was right." Zero percent chance that's the judgment of history. Zero.


PS14/ CNN chyron #3:
PS15/ CNN chyron #4:
PS16/ Trump now says *others* wanted to "ride it out" but in fact that was *his* privately repeated plan per the NYT
PS17/ This is among the ugliest things I've ever seen televised from the White House briefing room and perhaps the ugliest because I was too young when Alexander Haig falsely said he was running the government after Reagan was shot in 1980
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