I just made this burner account to post this: I filmed this on my local news network and I wanted Everyone to just see what I saw, and potentially provide an explanation #QAnons #pope #WWG1WGA #q #qanon #QAnon2020 #QanonPosts #QanonArmy
Here’s a slow motion, because some people were simply saying that the camera fades to the next frame, which is not exactly what I’m seeing #qanon #QAnons #QAnon2020
Any film experts have a “logical explanation” for this
Some people are linking a vid to a straight-on view where he doesn’t vanish. However, a hologram would probably work seamlessly from directly in front of it, right? 🧐
If you put it in reeaaaallly slow motion, you can tell that he actually fades out. Idk if this thwarts anyone saying that they film spliced it but it is not a “cut” to another shot per say
I have an equal amount of experts saying this is a case of dropped frames, and an equal amount of experts saying this is the peppers ghost effect which is a type of hologram , so which is it?
this is the straight on angle. Looks pretty holographic to me lol
Regardless of your opinion on the legitimacy of this video, everyone needs to go watch “Out of Shadows” right now. It has 5 million views in 3 days but you won’t see it anywhere on YouTube trending
Okay dipshit it’s called a rewind button, my TV has one. Believe it or not, 93 out of the 120k people who viewed this tweet felt inclined to follow me for whatever reason.....what the fuck are you on about ?
I rewinded the broadcast after I saw it the first time, then played it again and recorded it. What is your major malfunction in comprehending that?
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