Dad’s gonna berate the children for wasting their lives and being ungrateful little pieces of shit today.

(Not up yet but I’ll try to follow in RT today):

Live: Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold White House briefing
Ok looks like we're moving from the holding pattern to the podium now, should be up soon.
@POTUS is offering condolences to those in the south hit by the tornados, FEMA is already on its way out there to help.

"We are with you all the way."
Over the weekend, daily new infections across the country remained flat.

Charts and models were 100-120k thousand would perish, looks like we'll be way way below that number.
He's letting Tony (Dr. F / aka Mini Kavorikian)

Mini-Kavorikian says we're starting to see flattening even in hotspots like NY.

He says he had productive conversation w/ Congressional Black Caucus re: poor outcome in black communities, says we need to focus resources where -
the most vulnerable are, mitigate in a community that's suffering disproportionately.

Now mini-Kavorikian is talking about his interviews yesterday on the Sunday talk shows.

What a fucking jagoff this guy is.
He's trying to cover his tracks for running his fucking mouth to the enemy, in a place where he knew they'd twist and contort anything he said if they could use it to scream "Orange Man Bad."
You know what he sounds like to me?

"Hell nah officer, these ain't even my pants!"

A bit rambling & backtracking, if you ask me.
Someone in the media asks about dates, and mini-Kavorkian says that he doesn't even remember dates.

The media are ALL OVER him now for what they see as an obv change from yesterday.

BC they're all the fucking enemy.

Trying (media) to imply he's being forced to say this.
These people are sick.

@POTUS has dates

("because of #FakeNews I like to document things")
POTUS talking about 1/11, ppl wanted him to shut down economy before we even had 1 case.

Bringing up the media saying he didn't act fast enough (now), but they were calling him xenophobic and other things when he DID act quickly (then)
1/21 there was only 1 case of the virus in the US, the CDC opened an emergency operation center

1/31 there were 7 cases
*not one person had died
* @POTUS issued travel restriction on China anyway
*he got brutalized by press for instituting restrictions immediately
*note: so far he's all over Wuhan Virus and #FakeNews
I think today's going to be fun

*He put in the place the 1st required quarantine in 50yrs
*Biden called him xenophobic and racist for doing so
*Now Biden's press team issues statements saying #DementiaJoe agrees with @POTUS
*In Feb Pelosi told her San Fran residents to go to Chinatown

So the story in NYT is fake, it's a fake paper and it's a fake paper. Hopefully in 5 yrs when I'm gone the NYT will be too

@POTUS is having them turn down the lights to play some video now


He's playing the #FakeNews clips to their FUCKING FACES of them calling him xenophobic and racist for acting so quickly
Dude, this really is a work of art.

I love this man.

Burning them down right to their stupid faces.
Now he's playing clips of Cuomo, Newsom, Desantis, NJ Gov, AZ Gov and other Govs singing his praises.
@POTUS back up at the podium, movie time over.

"We could give you hundreds of clips like that, we have them. It's very sad when ppl write false stories like they NYT. If you had libel laws, they would have been outta business even before they end up going out of business."
He's talking again about NY saying they needed 40k vents, but didn't need them (and POTUS + Birx + mini-Kavorkian knew they wouldn't need that many)

Now he's talking about all the help they did for NY: vents, re-building Javitts, Mercy, sending medical help from DoD, and how-
hardly any people were actually sent to Javitt.

"Ready, willing & able"

What FEMA, drs, DoD did was amazing.

Mayor of NY asked for help, DoD sent 480 people, Gov of NYC said they are remarkable (I like how he won't even say Comrade Wilhelm "DeBlasio"'s name)
Nobody here (US ) is calling to ask for vents or hospital beds, bc we made so many of both so quickly, but other countries are calling non-stop asking for help

He's more angry at the media treating the CF taskforce and DOD people who've worked on this than he ever got about-
the media ever attacking him.

"I'd love to be able to say that we have honest press. But not when they're wrong..."

Media asks who produced the video, saying it looks like a campaign ad
Don by Dan ( @Scavino45 ) and put together in less than 2hrs.

"Why'd you need to do that?"

"Because we're fighting fake news"
Javitts center is almost empty - and that's a good thing.

USNS Comfort is almost empty.

DoD (mil) personnel running Javitts and Mercy, and everyone is impressed with them.

It (video) took less than 2 hrs

Now these douchebags are focused on who made the vids (WH personnel)
Prepare for a media onslaught and potentially new investigation into exactly who and how much "taxpayer money" went to making a quick edit vid that any high school AV club could make (but @Scavino45 had good #FakeNews content to use)

These children get SOOOOO mad when they're -
noses are rubbed in their own bullshit.

But boy, do we love seeing it!!!
Now they're focusing on him retweeting the #FireFauci tweet.

They STILL, to this day, don't understand the TrollMaster Supreme.

These people truly, really, are amazingly stupid.
"I'll let you know who (governors) didn't do their job some day. Some are doing great, some not so much. Some didn't have any stockpiles..."

Many of the governors were asking for far too many.

Q: You and Dr. F are on the same page?
Yeah, we have been since the beginning.
"I don't mind controversy, I think controversy's a good thing"

One day they'll learn.

Maybe when the King steps down from the throne in 30 yrs 😂🤣😋
He's rubbing their stupid fucking noses in the timeline again.

This really is a great thing to behold.

It's so much fun watching him go after them when his quiver is full of #FakeNews evidence to throw back at them
He's really hammering home him being attacked for shutting down, then Pelosi pushing people to go to Chinatown weeks later, now CNN and other FakeNews saying he didn't act soon enough.

When in doubt, look to the timeline or follow the money.

Fake News forgets the internet is -

"Every Democrat thought I made a mistake when I did it, but I saved tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of lives."

Now one of these pieces of shit won't stop running her mouth.

"What did you do with the time that you bought?"

We had 0 cases, 0 deaths in January-
These people are really, really, really digging themselves into a hole, and showing the American public what POS's they are.

And he's not letting up today.

"Why did Biden write a letter of apology? Why did the Dems think I acted too quickly?"
"We've really done this right, but the problem is that the press doesn't cover it accurately."

Q: What authority do you have to open the country back up?
A: I have a lot of authority to do that (he does, thanks to the emergency declaration. look it up, FakeNews asses)
rec'd 1300 additional ventilators today and signed 5 new contracts via HHS for more to be built

Adding 6190 to the strategic nat'l stockpile (which has close to 10k already). Will be added by May 8

Will have 120,000 total in stockpile by end of May.

States were supposed to-
have their own stockpiles, but they didn't, and we'll talk about that sometime after we get past this

Nobody who's needed a ventilator has not gotten one

Nobody who's needed a hospital bed has been denied one

"We built more than we needed to be safe."
Prepared to build thousands more if needed, but I don't think we're gonna need it

Ordered 60k decontamination systems (can decontaminate/sterilize a mask up to 20x each)

Going to have more than 33mm N95 masks/week cleaned & decontaminated
5 more Project Air Bridge flights landed today

Delivered a lot of PPE already, more coming in should the states need it (states are supposed to be ordering their own, but if they don't we'll have it in the stockpile), we inherited a stockpile where the "cupboards were bare."
To date we've facilitated more than 38mm N95 masks nationwide

Further expanding hospital surge capacity strategically

VA systems are also ready, able & beautiful

US has done 3mm test for virus, most of any nation

Approx 115k per day, rate of testing esp high in areas -
hit hard

Per capita testing higher in NY than anywhere else in the world

Antibody testing being looked at & developed

Gilead announced Remdecivir has shown promise in compassionate use settings

Deployed approx 28mm doses of Hydroxychloroquine
HCQ + Zine + ZPack is doing very well, a lot of good things are happening with it

Convalescent plasma treatment also a very old procedure, done in a modern way, showing good promise

May ask for extension to census to get it done properly

Census bureau decided to slow field-
collection activities to help "slow the spread"

Friday Americans began receiving cash payments under stimulus, $180bn will be delivered by end of this week

Typical family of 4 will rec $3400

PPP now processed over $200bn in loans
Need lawmakers to set aside partisan to get on the next phases, because it's working extremely wel

Team & top experts very close on a plan to open the country ahead of schedule

Admin plan & guidelines will give American ppl confidence they need to begin returning to normal-

Will explain exactly what's going to be in that, over a very short number of days

Committee will be announced tomorrow

This weekend US help negotiate agreement w/ OPEC+ to stabilize oil markets
Will cut oil by approx 20mm barrels, will help w/ saving oil jobs in US

Will help nearly 11mm workers in oil & gas industry

*He thanks MBS, Putin & Pres Lopez-Obrador...can't wait to see the media freakout over that!!!
@stevenmnuchin1 going to talk now, then @VP then the over-inflated model squad

Mnuchin: stim checks ahead of schedule, expect over 80mm will have direct deposit by this Wed

If you don't rec by Wed,  will have "get your pmt" link

If you filed in '18 -
or '19 you can ID yourself and they will get you your checks

If you're a soc sec beneficiary you don't have to do anything, you'll get a check

If you didn't file, go to  and enter your info so you can also get a check

Progress on PPP, brand new
program that's only a week old, but has $230bn already successfully processed

If you haven't had your loan processed, it will be processed this week

States: distributing out 1/2 money this week, 1/2 next (ahead of schedule)

Expanded & new facilities w/ $2.3trn opening up
so states & municipalities can access liquidity they need

Q: Pelosi & Schumer (off to a bad start) said they're negotiating, but McConnell says nothing should be added to pkg. What's the admin's opinion?

-My & VP view is that it's bi-partisan, shouldn't be one side or other. -
top up the program right now. Dems want more for hospitals & states but they're not even close to using the money we're already sending them. We think we'll need more money, and we'll sit down to work on that
Q: What's the emergency @POTUS said you need to leave for?

-Negotiation, we don't want to run out of money (he's currently negotiating for more money into the program)

Q: do you have concerns about lifting the quarantine too soon?

-risks in both directions, but we have a -
very broad list of 100 ppl who are advising @POTUS on what needs to be done.

Q: Do you believe country should be reopened on May 1?
-when it's safe
Q: What does re-opening look like?

We're talking about that over the next 2 days, we'll be making a statement about that. We're setting up committeses with a lot of smart ppl, want to be safe but need to get country open
*now they're pressing to get him to say exactly what re-opening will look like, but he's already said he'll make a statement when they make a decision

He's making the point about how good our stock market is now vs the rest of the world
Q: regards to tweets today, what provision in Constitution gives @POTUS power to open & close economies?

Numerous, we'll give you a brief if you want

Q: What will you do if you say re-open, but CA or NY don't?
I don't think that will happen
Q: What about states that didn't close?
I let that happen. The 7 that didn't have done a very good job.

Q: So you're prepared to say "I order you to open..."
-another reporter stepped all over her
Q: Other states are saying they'll coordinate together, doest that overrride what you're doing?

- @POTUS calls the shots, and what he wants is what will be. It's a decision for the POTUS. But that being said, we're going to work with the states bc that's very important. We hope-
the local gov'ts will do a good job, but if they don't we'll step in

Q: Another Q about what happens if state refuses to open
-If that happens I'd like to see that person run & see how that works out for them. I'll be very specific over the next few days, but some states aren't-
having as much of a problem as others. All states want to open as soon as possible, but we need to do it safely

Q: France says shutdown through May...
-they were hit very hard

Q: Mnuchin: have all 100 members of the council been invited yet?
-no just passed names w/ @POTUS
Q: Allocations for airline bailout allocations?
-Now had discussions w/ almost all airlines, created exception for small airlines so we can process quickly, very pleased w/ discussions
Q: Is it possible to re-open on May1?
-don't want to comment on that yet

Mnuchin: Congress on bi-partisan approved an uprecedented amount of money for American workers, bc it wasn't their fault it shut down. Our job right now is to execute the $2.3tn which we can add to-
If there is more money needed to support hard working Americans, we'll do that

Phase 4: talked about hospitals & infrastructure for a long time, we'll monitor, want to ensure there are incentives for restaurants & entertainment
Another Q about POTUS authority vs the states
- @POTUS corrects him: The President's authority, not mine

"You have a couple of bands of Dem gov's, but they'll agree to it. The authority of the President of the United States in these circumstances is total.

*look at emergency-
powers. He's absolutely correct. They've spent so much time focusing on "Get Trump" and "Orange Man Bad" that they have no idea what the emergency declarations mean
Q: Dr F said you took his mitigation advice. As you make...
-Well i'm not sure whose advice I took on the ban. I think I took my own.

-will you assure American ppl that you'll take the Drs advice before re-opening


-But will you go against their advice?
Not likely
Q for Mnuchin: SBA rule preventing small casinos getting some relief.
-not small casinos, but small taverns & restaraunts that are having issues, but we're getting more guidance on that
Another question for Mnuchin. He's all over it.

It really is glorious to watch these dipshit reporter try to trip him up, then realize he's so much more competent than they at a such more demanding job it makes them look even more stupid & lazy
*talks about Kennedy Center, and ensuring on the next phase that any money is directly COVID related

Q: Mnuchin says a NYT story is Fake News, he wasn't even involved in the China travel ban issue
Q: reporter asks why direct deposits didn't go through states unemployment system. Short answer: states use outdated systems, they wanted money to go directly to people

Q: Another reporter says, "your statement about POTUS having absolute authority, that's not true. Have any. -
governors agreed with that? Who told you that?"

These morons just don't get it, do they.

He's always way, way, way ahead of them.
Q: Cuomo says CARES act ignores their budget shortfalls.

*sorry just missed a few bc I had to take care of something

Came back in on POTUS saying they just won a lawsuit against the WHO
Now there's a reporter being combative, and he's straight up SHREDDING this pompous little shit stain

Q: now another talking about federalism and the POTUS powers under the emergency declaration

@VP lays it out for them:
We're standing in front of you today for the first time
where all 50 American states have Emergency Declaration

VP is laying out exactly what the Emergency Declaration Powers means

These morons should have paid attention

But, Orange Man Bad, so they focused elsewhere

Now they're being schooled on the civics of our country
VP: EU has 3x the mortality rate than the US today, bc of our mitigation efforts and excellent healthcare workers.

***And our hospitals were not overwhelmed, and they aren't over whelmed today***

Great point, Sir.
Q: did the coalitions of states tell you what they were going to announce before they announced it

*these SOBs are interrupting EVERY. SINGLE. ANSWER today. Rude, tactless dirtbags our media is.
@VP went through a long answer, and she asks her same brainless, pointless, stupid question again.

"But did they tell you in advance what they were going to say?"

-No, but they coordinated what they were going to be working on
Q: There's one moron actually wearing a mask, and like a douchebag he call attention to it to virtue signal

DC says they were shortchanged, POTUS says that's BS
Q: Does it weight on you that there may be a second wave if you re-open?

Q: This guy has a voice that sounds like someone hammered his nuts before the briefing. Seriously, like he's been sucking on helium
his Q: China deployed a carrier to the S. China Sea, what's the response.
-China has its own issues, we know all about that, we know what they did & we saw what they've done, and we'll be just fine
Q: are you saying you could recommend we open before May 1?
-I don't want to say that, we'll be putting out recommendations and guidelines very soon

Q: Again, asking basically the same question
-We'll have video conference with many ppl from diff fields to decide what to do
Q: Michelle ( #FloppyMike ) Obama is pushing mail-in voting. Have your advisors told you that can save lives?

*this douchebag keeps talking about how great FloppyMike is with her bi-partisan group (uh-huh. Bi-partisan. Sure).
-No I haven't seen that
Q on OPEC call:
-We talked about borders, we talked about China, we talked about Mexico

Q: Some governors say they don't have materials to do testing
-Governors have to get the materials
*seriously. Some goverors are like f-ing children that need their hands held. REMEMBER WHEN-

-A lot of states had these big machines that could do the tests, and didn't even know that they had them!!!

Q about Google & Apple testing website
-a lot of ppl are concerned about privacy with these. But we have some of the
greatest companies in the world working on things that will be obsolete in the next year. We even have good news on the vaccine front. google & apple are working on a fe diff things with testing.

-Google map contact tracing can alert if you've been in contact w/ someone who's -
contracted the virus.
-well it's an amazing thing but there are some Constitutional issues with that. There are other countries asking about using that.

Which countries?

Would you want that here?
Constitutional issues
Douchebag with the mask again:

Can you talk about the contact tracing?

-moving along very well
Q: Capt Crozier...
-the Navy's going to be making the decision. I don't hink the ship should've stopped in Vietnam in the middle of a pandemic. but they stopped in Vietnam & all of a sudden now you have all of these people getting on infected.

*** @POTUS knows what's up. There's
more to this story than most understand.
Another Q about Emergency Powers.

POTUS hammering home that Fed emergency powers are absolute, but he hopes that he won't have to use any of them. But he has the absolute right to do so if he wants to.
If governors are doing a good job, and they should (bc they're local), they won't have to be used. But the relationship we have w/ states & govs is very good

Q: Biden is presumptive Dem nominee. When will you start sharing info about Corona...
-They had H1N1, it was a tremendous
failure, they had a lot of failures. 17,000 ppl died, and they were late, like it never existed. If Biden would like a briefing I"ll certainly get him a briefing, IDK what he'd do with it.

*This is such comic genius, and it's totally lost on these f-ing moronic ingrates
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