Retweeting this for @riccimike & @katadhall. Marylanders want to hear the hard truths from @GovLarryHogan. When we ask for MD to close more businesses, provide more economic support, and adopt stricter policies, tell us what is preventing MD from making these things happen. 1/8
If Americans need more money from the federal govt for states to close more businesses, tell us that. Tell us that one-time #StimulusChecks won’t be enough to lessen the burden states carry when making decisions on implementing more stringent orders that protect more lives. 2/8
If we ask about the state of MD purchasing 15,000 body bags, let us know how we arrived at that number. How close to this number does @GovLarryHogan and his team of experts expect we’ll get to? What models advised this? What should Marylanders expect in terms of lives lost? 3/8
When advocacy organizations, public health experts, and leaders call on Hogan to release inmates, don’t deflect by showing us department guidelines or talking about prison reductions in recent years. Tell us how bad it may get behind bars and why Hogan is refusing to help. 4/8
“Strange as it may seem, right now the public actually wants to hear bad news, not only so we know that within the government the proper steps are being taken to address it, but also so we can be assured that we’re being told the truth.” - @paulwaldman1 from @washingtonpost. 5/8
Marylanders just want transparency. We want the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear. We want to know what is stopping our public servants from taking additional steps to save more lives. We want the politics & spin put aside, and we want answers in unequivocal terms. 6/8
@riccimike & @katadhall, Marylanders appreciate everything you do to stay on top of Hogan’s communications. Your attentiveness to our concerns during a crisis has been exceptional, and we’re thankful for it. But as this crisis continues, we want and deserve absolute clarity. 7/8
Please keep us as informed as possible.

Please stay away from political spinning & non-answers during this time.

Please tell us how MD could save more lives and what is preventing @GovLarryHogan from taking actions to accomplish this.

Please give us the hard truths. 8/8
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