I'm genuinely curious about the logistics of a media hoax. Do conspiracy theorists think that thousands of media entities are working together and with the democrats in congress to make shit up? This would be logistically impossible.
How do they imagine this going down? Maybe an online forum where editors get information from George Soros about what to publish? A phone tree? And how come we don't end up with competing stories all the time? Does the public know how many media entities exist?
Please @jonronson, go back to the extremists and get some answers. I'd love to see a tree chart that shows the chain of command in the media hoax theory. And a flow chart that shows me how the media is enacting a continuing, logistically impossible hoax.
Just how much time do conspiracy theorists think we have on our hands? Don't they gather that participating in a massive hoax would be more time consuming than just reporting the news? I am stumped!
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