I love that Fauci stating the obvious is now a firing offense. Would it have been better to have taken drastic actions earlier than we did? OBVIOUSLY THE ANSWER IS YES. This in no way contradicts anything he previously stated.
All of you Monday morning quarterbacks should be yeeted into the sun. Both sides, every one of you. Your finger pointing and bullshit is exhausting and, frankly, incandescently stupid.
Should things have been done sooner? Yes. Were decisions made based on available and known info? Yes. Yes, OF COURSE, it’s obvious NOW that things should have been done differently. They weren’t. Shut up and sit down until you can calmly and rationally discuss what we do NOW.
I don’t care about who did what when. I care about what we do going forward so ppl can go back to work safely and we can attempt to protect those most at risk.
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