I interrupt your regularly scheduled #COVID19 programming to offer some reflections on @berniesanders, @JoeBiden, and beating @realDonaldTrump.


First, there's no way around the disappointment that Bernie Sanders won't be President.
As a global #pandemic exploits the DEEP insecurities in our society, it's clear that the policies @BernieSanders fought for have NEVER been more important.

I think many of us will reflect for a long time on what might have been--what COULD have been.

Ideally, elections are a battle of ideas...

But this primary was fought on the singular terrain of defeating @realDonaldTrump. It was the Democratic party's fight or flight response to an existential threat to Democracy in the form of Trump.

And @JoeBiden, a stable fixture in politics for decades & Pres Obama's VP, felt like the the safe choice - think ice cream & aviators.

Tho safety won him the primary, safety isn't going to beat Trump in the fall.

Nov will be about Trump, yes, but also about rebuilding after #COVID19 (okay this IS about #COVID 🤷🏽‍♂️)

Already, majority of Dems nominating @joeBiden also endorsed Bernie's policies (per @cnn):

"Government health insurance for all"
"the economy needs a complete overhaul"

Through the primary, Biden's message was about the past.

But going back to "normal" where 1/10 Americans were uninsured, gigs displaced jobs, & action on #climatechange was halting is a NONSTARTER after #COVID showed just how broken "normal" really was for too many.

Elections are about the future; the next #POTUS will decide both what the after-Trump & the after-pandemic look like.

We HAVE to win that future. And to win this election, we have to be talking about what the future will look like.

This is where the opportunity sits.

And before folks tell me that "Republican voters will never go for that."

Let me just say:
1) Trump's base won't vote D no matter WHAT
2) For non-base R's, this #pandemic is making the arguments for us. They are obvious solutions for this moment. Let's embrace them.

I've spoken w/ folks in the @joeBiden camp. They know he NEEDS progressive & young support to win.

@BernieSanders's endorsement is key. But it's not enough--it'll take an honest effort to win the Bernie's base. Honest policy engagement, more humility from party elite.

And it'll take us--progressives, young ppl, forgotten communities.

We HAVE TO focus on what matters most.

Look, I know this RLY hurts. But @realDonaldTrump hurts the ppl we fight for FAR WORSE every day.

He is an existential threat to all we hold dear.

As a Muslim-American, a POC, a doctor, I will be working this summer & fall to defeat Trump for the following: my daughter, country, my democracy, my values, my right to practice my faith, the right to healthcare, action on #climatechange, gun safety, & SO many others...

To say you won't support @joebiden demonstrates a privilege that I and so many others just DON'T HAVE.

Some are OFFENDED by politics right now. That's a privilege. Too many are AFFECTED--as progressives, we center them.

And for them, @joebiden is a FAR better option...

...than another 4 yrs of @realDonaldTrump.

Though I believe @SenSanders would have been FAR superior to both--especially rn--we can't take our ball & go home because he didn't win.

He isn't. He knows he would be failing too many of the people he fights for.

So for the next 7 months, I'm going to do all I can to help @joebiden win. I hope you'll join me.

A big part will be honest, constructive criticism about what it will take to EARN the votes of progressives, young ppl, & others who haven't felt seen or heard by Dems.


a big part will be talking to every single voter I can about why we MUST beat @realDonaldTrump in Nov.

But NEVER will it mean giving up on the policies that I believe in and fight for: single payer healthcare, GND, eliminating corp $ in politics, free college, & others.

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