#Brainstorm 💡
Have we been looking at this from the wrong perspective?

We've all been awaiting the day this breaks to the public, but what if the QTeam is actually waiting on us? By us remaining 'patient'- is that actually counter-intuitive to the plan?
The Great Awakening! This is about waking the world to the truth, and Q has told us this is about restoring power to the PEOPLE. Well, if that's the case, then we have the power NOW.
Is QTeam waiting for the public to demand the truth and justice? To get fed up being quarantined? Slow waves of information to awake the masses slowly. "Waves turn into a flood". Waves to a flood of AWAKENING?
Q continues to show us Patriots from around the world, while telling us 'bigger than you can imagine'.

The fact that Q keeps pointing out the vast spread of this is meaningful.
We have continued to see this 'quarantine' be extended. Is that because we're all still complying with it, and the normies are still sleepy?
A considerable shift has happened this week, where for the first time, I've actually seen people I know questioning this outbreak, whom until now were completely MSM brainwashed.
Out of Shadows and Fall Cabal are being shared in groups of mine with people who were completely against Trump before, and are now praising him! People who were fast asleep a week ago, are now waking and questioning!
WHAT IF this plan is about waiting until enough people are fed up and start getting LOUD?

What if this plan is waiting for US to wake the rest of the world?
"You have more than you know".

Anons, WE HAVE IT ALL! We know the truth! We have to spread it to wake the rest of the sleepy ones. "What happens when the world wakes up?" JUSTICE!
Patriots, we need to get LOUD about the truth, and what we know! Spread it far and wide on all social platforms! We the PEOPLE have the power to end this!!
I would love to know your thoughts on this. This has been stewing in my mind for days, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense!

40,000 foot view. 😎 WE THE PEOPLE! #InItTogether
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