to anybody out there that has had the #quarantine hit your mentals heavy, i have a remedy for you that will help you drastically. follow the instructions and i promise you will feel better.

#quarantinelife #coronavirus #covid19 #mentalhealth
every afternoon, get out and walk ... every day. atleast 5mi but feel free to do more if you’re in the zone. since last tues, i have walked 50mi and outside of recovering from surgery, it has helped my mentals so damn much. i was miserable a week ago.
today, mentally, i feel wonderful. like completely different then i did a week or two ago.
put ya headphones in, listen to music or a podcast, or just listen to mother nature. she’s got bars too. either way, hit the pavement or trails or woods, just stay 6ft away from folks you aren’t already with, and enjoy. it has been a life saver.
not only does it keep you active, it’ll help you lose weight, give your mind somethin to look forward too every day, and it can be done with families, roommates, or solo dolo.

what else do you got to do right now?
if you’re gonna do it, rt and like this thread, holla at me in a week and let me know how you’re feeling ... i guarantee you will feel better.
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