West Coast Economic Community
They are walking a well-trodden path right now, and they're walking it quickly:
As long as the West Coast States leave DoD infrastructure intact, there's absolutely no reason that they couldn't evict the rest of the federal government. We might be seeing the first steps towards a very different constitutional order.
To think that this all started with medical marijuana. All three of those states have action plans for withholding tax payments due to the immigration policy jousting with the feds over the last few years. WCS autonomy could be a very real thing by this time next year.
There's absolutely no reason to believe that a hypothetical WCS entity would be better run than the states currently are under the existing system, but I think it opens up possibilities that didn't exist before.
This press conference is freaking historic
The greater New York area is setting up to make regional decisions as well. This is going to gain steam over the coming weeks, and things might be done that aren't easily undone.
It's Monday afternoon and the US federal government is losing operative control of its two primary economic centers. All the idle mumbling about Calexit is suddenly becoming very, very real. I have no idea how things play out, but this is shaping up to be a historic week.
That map above looks like something out of a corny post-apocalyptic novel, "West Coast Pact" is straight out of the YA section of the bookstore. But it's assembled from statements given by governors over the last 24 hours.
I don't think we're seeing the death of the US. We'll still have the shared military assets, the soccer team, the flag. How high that flag sits on the pole relative to the one with the bear on it remains to be seen. Federalism is kicking in real hard right now.
The worst thing the feds could do here is loudly and publicly try to enforce the Compact Clause (US Constitution, Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3) prohibition on interstate coordination, because the states involved will just ignore the enforcement action or escalate the conflict.
Again, I don't think this is going to necessarily lead to anything like the California Highway Patrol escorting vans of DHS employees to the Nevada border in the next few weeks. But I do think that if the feds take a hard line here the state governments will laugh in their faces.
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