Risk of virus infected testing kits is there. Warmer temp reducing infections is possibility. Pl check last 4 columns. Total cases, deaths, tests per 1 Mn population, total tests & compare with 1st column Total cases. Surprising results. ANALYSE THIS DATA STREAM. @indiannavy @WPP https://twitter.com/TruthYOuRstRuLy/status/1249772413706833920
France, 41% tested + case. Italy - 15%. Spain- 28%. USA- 20%. Germany - 9.7%. UK- 24%. China tests NA. Not testing but selling testing kits to nations? Check Total deaths vs total cases. Do ageing of active cases. Russia is 1.4% though its a cold place. Shud be more but not? WHY?
Australia- 1.76%. India- 5.5%. India shudnt do random testing. Wud infect many healthy ppl due to infected testing kits. It's my gut feel and logic also suggesting this. To some extent this data also indicates. Read and analyse urself. @colhunnybakshi @drharshvardhan @AK7CAV @BW
China played its game so smartly & playing. Supplying infected test kits more to the nations, from which it wants to avenge more & kill competition there. Break economies & grab all & rule that nation. It knows nations wud employ #SocialDistancing and #LOCKDOWN, benefitting China
So sir @narendramodi, if U r going to announce partial lifting of #LOCKDOWN for minimal economic activities to not let disruption affect supply chains and at places where cases r not there or least minimum, then U r taking d correct step. China wud get irritated. Thanks. @Swamy39
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