I can't believe I even have to say this, but...


Toxic masculinity actively discourages cis men from unpacking their depression and stress and anxiety. A lot of people are going through a lot of emotions right now. Let them.
I'm the definition of privilege, but I've been told my whole life that I'm not "man" enough, not confident or assertive enough, not "big" enough, not strong enough, not emotionally detached enough, not sexual enough, not angry or violent enough... Toxic masculinity is real.
Complaining that men aren't falling into their "ideal" toxic masculine tropes is ultimately harmful as it perpetuates the "need" for that trope. That it's on men to "get over their emotions in a time of crisis and just be the horn dogs we pretend to be."
Yes, I know the author (who I like) was trying to discuss something significant (i.e. women's sexual frustration), but did so in a way that I believe shames people for processing a crisis differently than others are.
I've seen articles like this from good people that unknowingly enforce toxic masculinity. I'd genuinely love for things like this to stop. I'm not saying to put in the labor to benefit straight cis men. I'm just saying to stop enforcing toxic masculinity.
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