tharn is actually a very gentle & warm person, truth is, he has been long attracted to type but he kept his distance because he knows type is "straight" so he got contented just by being his roomie and someone who can share his snacks with ++ #TharnTypeMarathon
that's why he kept every note on the snacks because he feels happy when type eats the snacks but when type started to attack him with homophobic insults and even acted childishly by tearing his posters and throwing food on his bed ++ #TharnTypeMarathon
tharn blew off & wanted to take revenge in the worst way possible,,, since he has been slowly falling for type his mixed emotions of anger and lust led him to do those things i read that the thing he did to type that triggered him the most is the HJ thing ++ #TharnTypeMarathon
bc of that tharn felt extremely guilty and took care of type when he was sick he skipped classes, bought him medicines, fed him & everything else maybe the reason why he kissed type's forehead while taking care of him was bc he has feelings for type already 😭 #TharnTypeMarathon
so when type was slowly opening up his feelings to tharn,,,,tharn fell even deeper and so was type because tharn really took his nightmares and fears away his biases were also gone because he genuinely loved a man and he's willing to risk it all for him 🤧 #TharnTypeMarathon
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