ICYMI - the fact Russia is “worried about” coronavirus disinformation a/k/a misinformation*

I gave you an under-reported April 2019 Law Library of Congress Report.
I’m back with an April 2020 Report.
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* in the UK & Europe they do NOT use the colloquiums of “fake news” - instead they (rightfully so) use “disinformation” and “misinformation”
IMO these are actually pretty distinguishable
disinformation - purposeful & not grounded in fact
misinformation - could be less onerous
As with my SOP - I’ve linked to the April 2020 Report
Researchers sampled “225 pieces of misinformation”
The Key Findings are fascinating;
-top v bottom up/down
- % on social media platforms
“WHO and stressed that misinformation about the
pandemic presents a serious risk to public health and
public action... majority (88%) of the sample appeared
on social media platforms”
👇🏻This is Important👇🏻
“indicating the scale and scope of engagement”
🌶🗂sidebar - dis/mis-Information isn’t a new phenomenon.
The April 2020 Report repeatedly states that some of the data is constrained by “closed social media groups” or “messaging apps”
You may want to re-read this thread I included the NIH white paper https://twitter.com/File411/status/1199010320066498560?s=20
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