Imagine you had access to Twitters data
Language processing to detect political affiliation
Observe when people change from lib to cons
Identify the point when change happened
Identify ideas & people responsible
Refine algorithms
Create Twitter 'bubbles' that isolate people...
Imagine you fed that (and a LOT more) into an illegal surveillance project created by our last President.
+medical records
+cell data

Project Hammer by Renegade.
Someday we can have a real conversation on the

Thank God for Trump
It was meant to become the master surveillance umbrella, making all the data accessible to AIs like the rumorred A.L.I.C.E.

For now, we know some of what they tried, and were stopped from doing. Later we can separate fact from fiction with declass help.
For now, we harden our resolve to resist the NWO, no matter what they throw at Trump & 2020 elections, etc.

Wether you believe this next part or not... [they] believe it.

They also believe in return of Nimrod, but that’s for another day.
Compartmented goals went sooo much deeper.

Some working on AI.

Some working brain computer interfaces.

Some working on flesh + host comms. SRA + MK to prepare vessels.

It sounds totally crazy but connect those dots.
What entities can’t act directly in this world?

What entities can’t communicate directly with the innocent?

Who would want that to change and seek ways around the spiritual protections 99.9+% depend on?
Why do the leaders of a military op keep telling us:
It will be biblical
Choice to know is ours
The ending won’t be for everyone (the knowledge will be very disturbing)
So how deep does the rabbit hole go?
Flesh AI hybrids and beyond.

[them]-flesh-AI-your data-Alexa-personalized comms to educate/manipulate everyone
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