Starting a thread of everything @pashancehousen says to me over the next 2 days. feel free to add to it if she speaks to you
Wait Jess, you know I gotta have my sriracha sauce. I’ll be right back
“I always cross those damn corndogs”
Ahhhhh shit. My fucking head itches. Can you pass the Lysol, please. I touched all this shit. *sprays Lysol in her own mouth*
“Ahhh what a beautiful day here in Philadelphia” *driving down pcola beach*
*squints into the water* That’s a whole ass bird with its neck
I’m about to sober up. Like a tree.
*looks me in the eyes* I’m a girl and I approve this message
Color blind? Color blind? Huh. That’s why I eat carrots
Hey all you cool Kats and kittens it’s Carole here
I’m smiling right now Jess because I really want to slap you around a little bit
*I’m black and I don’t care*
Gimme your fookin toes
Dude, tomorrow when we’re sober drunk..
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