Why did @atiku give government money? Why didn't @OfficialPDPNig put money together and give the really poorest that are not ashamed to be on a public register? It would help the receivers and have created good will for them towards next election.
Opposition is about a party with goodwill and genuine interest for the Nation even when not in Power. It's not about "we no gree' to every government policy".
@OfficialPDPNig show your light now, don't wait till election year.
This thread came to mind due to the unrest in Lagos and Ogun as a result of the lockdown. You can't lock down able bodied bus drivers and conductors, NURTW, Wheel Barrow pushers and Agege bread sellers, tailors and carpenters and expect quiet calm. The @PoliceNG are not magicians
Don't say government is giving out food to those who can't afford it. Citizens deserve to be treated with dignity. Some hungry bread winners would rather die of starvation than be seen to collect @covidrelief from @followlasg.
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