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$3,000,000.00 for 600K test?
So maybe Trump did direct FEMA to cut the po on 4/6/2020 - I can’t wrap my head around how fucked up this admin is
The Reuter’s article states @fema ordered 300,000 test “kits” from Osang
TCV = $3,000,000.00
$10 per test kit but math isn’t my strong suit
Double check here:
Or here 
Or here
Or here
On March 27th - some of us were like - temper your expectations.
It’s from the Reality TV “Star” president who lies on a pathological level
Yet here we are April 13th & how many test has Abbott actually done?
See thread - stop telling me I’m an alarmist
The fanfare and expectations the Trump Administration gave - Dr Brix should be held accountable too
IT. WAS. BULLSH!T but Abbott’s stock went up 27%
Trump Touted Abbott’s Quick COVID-19 Test. HHS Document Shows Only 5,500 Are On Way For Entire U.S. 
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