Berkeley is mulling a proposal Tuesday that would harm affordable housing by eliminating the fee revenue and essentially eliminate housing on Berkeley's biggest transit corridor.

Beautifully outlined here by Alfred as to why affordable housing nonprofits are opposing.
It's a typical example of how lefty nimbyism plays on ignorance. The Trump Admin and local has created a tax incentive map hasn't been utilized at all in Berkeley, but has made a convenient excuse to mandate only on-site homes, and no in-lieu fees to our fund. As BRIDGE explains:
Proponents of this proposal are known opponents of the downtown plan and the Adeline plan. Under the claim of supporting integration, by mandating only IZ units, less 100% Affordable housing projects will be built and only luxury and commercial units by big developers will pencil
This type fiscal irresponsibility is why Berkeley swiftly needed to pass a bond measure to save our 100% Affordable Housing projects that did not have funding after a heavily fought downtown housing project and its $10 million in fees were delayed (and eventually defeated).
Berkeley should have a variety of on-site and in-lieu projects. We dont want to become San Francisco and have a pipeline dependent only on Big Developers who can afford the on-site with high-end units to compensate. Passing this would heavily hurt smaller infill housing
And I'm glad to live in a city that has a pretty large institution producing evidenced-based policy to refute these never-ending attempts at NIMBYism. Read more threads here on why this is bad.
IMO, big developers should be doing on-site, and smaller developers can fee out. As Affordable Housing nonprofits have noted in oppo, matching funds means the per dollar in fee is leveraged x3, x4 its value, and produces more affordable housing than solely mandating on-site
The item is written as though its targeting the poorest neighborhoods for economic integration (which is kinda weird) but in reality this would heavily reduce homes everywhere from Downtown to Ashby BART along Shattuck

And North Berkeley doesn't build
Hot off a new report detailing the skyrocketing costs of Affordable Housing in California, this type of evidence-less policy that serves to only make housing more difficult to build and deprives our housing trustfund should be voted down.
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