I may be kicked out of Britain for saying this, but:
- colour doesn't need the 'u'
- '-zation' is often more accurate than '-sation'
- 'plow' is a better spelling than 'plough' (though why not fix all the ough words?).

American spelling ain't perfect, but it's better than ours.
That being said, the entire English language, whether it's the American, English, or any other version, has Issues and should probably Sort Itself Out like the grown language it is. It has its qualities, don't get me wrong, but it refuses to work on its flaws.
I've been in a relationship with this language since before I turned 1, I think. I've read and written so much with it. We've had some good times.
This language establishes rules, then breaks them willy-nilly (though it's great at weird words and phrases like 'willy-nilly'). Its spelling is ridiculous and should be outlawed.
I love it, but we do need couples counselling. It won't change, and I won't accept its flaws.
Sorry about this rant, folks. I know venting about your partner to everyone on social media isn't ideal in a relationship. But I needed to. It's been rather frustrating me lately.

And yes, I am a writer.
I just remembered that I started this thread talking about how American English actually improves upon British English in some ways, and then it rapidly devolved into a rant because I'm an Angsty Writer TM.
Oh, and yes, I know the rumours (rumors) have been going round about me. I'll admit, they're true: I have been writing a conlang behind English's back. The thing about me seeing Spanish and Welsh is true too.
#SorryNotSorry English cheated on me with French first.
(I have my issues with Spanish and Welsh too, don't think I'm letting them off for their issues. Spanish: 'quedar' does not need to have 18326389545345 meanings. Welsh: what the fuck, stop mutating.
English and I have just...been together a long time. We're struggling.)
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