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Analysis of #SingleSource behavior lately!

Let's start off with anti #CAA & #NRC protest. As per them, it's a black law & it against Mu$lim, therefore, they started protesting against it in various parts of India considering Delhi to be the Hotspot.
They've shown the protest is for saving CONSTITUTION, DEMOCRACY, & SECULARISM.

The irony is that they broke all of them (CDS) in the name of protest.
1) They destroyed public & private properties
2) K!lled innocent ppl & some on-duty Police officers
3) Encouraged their community ppl to break India into pieces
4) Abused & tried defaming Hindus in every possible way
5) Abused Hindu Gods & it's religious beliefs

On 13 Dec 2019, students of Jamia started the protest & that leads to #ShaheenBagh & that was the biggest..
plot for fueling up all the protests in India & eventually it leads to #DelhiRiots2020. Many innocent lives were lost, properties were destroyed, vehicles were burned into ashes, businesses were destroyed, many ppl lost their homes, etc. All happened in the name of anti-CAA
protest (just remember that).

GOI of India tried to normalize the situation & tried bringing the peace in the nation but then we got hit by #CoronaOutbreak unfortunately. Then what, ppl from the "M" community started playing their malign game of #CoronaJihad through..
#TablighiJamaat Markaz & conveniently they spread the virus across India. On 23 March we had only 455 cases but now we have around 9,00+ active cases.

Things just don't stop there, they start spitting on Doctors, Nurses, helping staff, etc. Not only they rejected being..
quarantined but they also started hiding in Mosques in various parts of India & still, there are many who are hiding. Apart from that many of them also been seen pelting stones on Police & Doctors again plus picking up a fight with on-duty Police officials.
They have no fear of death, no fear of law & order. Despite complete #Lockdown many of them are being still seen gathering in Mosques offering Namaz, they are constantly breaking the laws but no strict action has been taken against them yet.

The bottom line is that they're
not going to stop cuz they have no fear of anyone, even the law. This is not a good sign for India at all if they can break the law now & they can get away conveniently then I bet if their population grows a little bit (which will) more then we can't stop them..
Therefore, strong action must be taken to break their myth/false belief so the future danger can be avoided & it must happen quickly.

Lawbreakers must be given brutal punishment, PERIOD.
At last, pls stay at home, do not come in contact with 'M' and also avoid buying anything from these ppl. If we take precautions carefully then we can save ourselves from this Coronavirus & 'M' virus as well.

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