1) The Isle of Lost Souls

Hart Island, NY or The Isle of Lost Souls is located at Long Island Sound, in the Bronx, NYC. As a writer, it would be amazing to give a voice to all those forgotten souls that remain in mass burial sites.
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2) The Island is a resting place for the homeless, sick, or the poor who couldn’t afford a proper burial. It’s estimated around 1,000,000 souls are buried on the Island today, with about 21% of burials on the island being fetal remains.
3) I also discovered there’s restricted access to the Island. Restricted by New York’s Department of Corrections, who up until 2019 was in charge of Hart Island. It’s reported it’s much easier to visit Riker’s Island then Hart Island. Why so much secrecy?
6) Authorities have only allowed families as far as a wooden gazebo close to the shoreline. Prison rules apply. No phones, no cameras. Strict ID checks. Why wouldn’t family members be allowed access?
7) On April 9, 2020 drone footage of Hart Island began circulating in the MSM, as reports emerged that CoronaVirus Victims would be temporarily be buried on the Island.
Drone footage-Hart Island https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1248374630399672321?s=21
9) Typically, on average some 25 bodies are interred each week by low-paid jail inmates from Riker’s Island. Department of Corrections spokesman Jason Kersten stated, “operations have increased from one day a week to five days a week, with around 24 burials each day”
10) City officials haven't explained whether the increase in burials is due to pressure on mortuaries to dispose of bodies more quickly. The virus has reportedly been killing hundreds of New York City residents each day.
11) DeBlasio told NY1 News that under such a contingency plan bodies of COVID-19 victims would be buried individually — not in mass graves so families could later reclaim them. If the drone footage is legitimate, that isn’t what we’re seeing.
17) Like so many other events that have transpired the past few years, I believe a spotlight is being cast on Hart Island for a reason. All this makes no sense to me. So I dug a little further, and discovered The Hart Island Project.
18) Described as a public charity founded by visual artist Melinda Hunt, “which has tried to improve access to the island and make burial records more easily available”
19) From 1991 to 1993, New York artist Melinda Hunt and photographer Joel Sternfeld were given permission to photograph Hart Island for their book, published in 1998.
20) Hunt subsequently founded the Hart Island Project to help the families and friends of those buried on Hart Island. She has created many stories about those buried on the Island to give a voice to those lost souls.
21) “Hunt is an artist, but the portrait of Hart Island she created over the past 19 years blurs the boundaries of that job description. She has become Hart Island’s detective and de facto archivist, its lead witness and chief scribe.”
22) Melinda obtained cemetery burial records with the assistance of 2 lawyers. The next step she took was to create a database of the records.
24) This puzzled me. Hart Island is the largest tax-funded cemetery in the US, and the government of New York hadn’t created a reliable database for the deceased? A visual artist and Yale graduate has been tasked with this work? Does this sound logical?
27) So let’s follow the money. The Hart Island Project has been funded by several philanthropic organizations. Funding has come from the Canadian Council of the Arts, Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, the Puffin Foundation, and NY State Council on the Arts.
28) Canadian Council of the Arts has been the main funder since it’s inception. It’s a Canadian Government initiative with 3 divisions, with the main being the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.
29) This is the very same Art Council Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's 2016 budget promised 19 Billion dollars in funding over a 5 year period to, along with the Mockingbird Media CBC. Yep, that Council.
30) The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, is another Canadian Government Initiative started by the Carnegie Foundation in New York. It’s now affiliated with the University of Calgary. Who is the main contributor? The Canada Arts Council.
See how this works?
31) What family has been a main Philanthropist for the Arts in Canada and New York? The Bronfman family. They even had an award created honoring Saidye Bronfman, wife of Samuel Bronfman-Edgar Bronfman’s parents. https://saidyebronfmanaward.ca/the-award 
32) Another funder is The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) established in 1960 through a bill introduced in the New York State Legislature by NY State Senator MacNeil Mitchellwith backing from Governor Nelson Rockefeller. The Rockefeller family.
33) The Puffin Foundation has been another major funder of the Hart Island Project over the years. This foundation was started by Philanthropist Perry Rosenstein, who made his fortune in the Allen screw business.
35) One last thing I found interesting when looking into Hart Island...it’s proximity to notorious Plum Island-run by the Department of Homeland Security. There are many theory’s about what happens on Plum Island, including human and animal experimentation. Coincidence?
43) Given what we know of the human experimentation taking place by Elite organizations like NXIVM, Epstein and many of the Elite Universities in New York. I suspect we may be about to find out “where the bodies are buried.”
Sometimes, dead men do tell tales. /End
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