Omegas are not allowed to be housed in the same prisons as alphas. Too many pheromones. Too many fights. Too much sex.

So they now have seperate prisons for omegas, with Beta guards.

Katsuki is not a Beta.

But he's also not a guard.

He's just a janitor.
He's an Alpha with a record.

Violent fights.

Explosive outbursts.

One count of assault. But that smarmy fucker was asking for it, with his too wide smile and crusty lips.


Anyway, it's hard for him to find work with a record like that.
No one wants to be responsible for a violent Alpha.

So he just has to be responsible for himself.

Fuck it.

He doesn't need anyone.

And this is the mindset he's had since he was 16 years old, when they had first sent him to juvenile hall for a reckless fight with a classmate.
It wasn't his fault that the school thought it would be a good idea to have newly presenting Alphas play competitive games.

And it wasn't his fault that he'd broken that weaker Alpha's arm either.

Shouldn't have been so fuckin' weak then.

But he digresses.
He's now twenty four years old, and life might be tough, but he's tougher. He's obtained a cellphone, a shitty, low income apartment, a used car, and, with grudging help from his best friend Kirishima, a job, which actually paid him more than he had expected it to.
His mom and dad were still around, still supported him, even when he didn't ask, and he was glad for them. Silently thankful that they had never turned his back on him like so much of the world already had, dismissing him as a lost cause.
He still remembered fondly how his mom had been dragged from his court hearing snarling and foaming at the mouth when his sentence had been set.

Fuckin' hag...

Even his dad had been pushed to the edge, filling the room with potent, angry omega pheromones.

He loved them.
He wouldn't fucking admit it out loud though.

They knew.

He'd finished his schooling online, under court orders. Stayed to himself. Never let anyone too close. Not even a partner, be it for ruts or love.

Everyone was useless anyways.
So he just...existed.

And he had been existing for the entire six months he'd been employed when an erotically mouthwatering scent suddenly wafted down the hall.

Katsuki's Alpha rumbled, and he inhaled deeply.

Now, he wasn't stupid.

He knows what an Omega in heat smells like. His building is full of them, whining and moaning through paper thin walls as they either take care of it themselves or get fucked into oblivion by their Alphas.
But /this/...

Fuck, he's /never/ smelled anything like this...

He inhales again, drool pooling in his mouth as the broom he's holding clatters to the ground forgotten.

It's the middle of the night, at a time when the guards are least present. 1? 2 a.m.?
Which means that no one stops him from wandering to the only place in the entire prison where he's banned.

The Omega Heat Ward.

The smell of mint and grass and something dark and earthy that makes him sweat underneath his standard uniform is leaking from under the locked door.
And he knows immediately that he needs to get behind it.

Whipping out his phone, he send a quick, urgent text.

Blasty💥: Section J bathroom. 10 minutes. Emergency. Come alone.
Honestly, he /shouldn't/ be surprised when Kirishima slides into the bathroom panicked and panting with his gun drawn, but he still is.

"Bakugou! What's wrong?! What happened?!" He yelps, his arm swinging wildly.

"Fuck!" Katsuki hisses, ducking down out of range.
"Nothing! Stop! Put that fucking thing away!"

"What do you mean nothing?!" He yells as his arm lowers slowly. "Why did you message me like that?! I thought something terrible had happened!"

"Stop /yelling/!" He whisper yells, hurrying past the Beta male to push the door closed.
Kirishima exhales harshly, but he stops, holstering his gun while clicking the safety on at the same time.

"Blasty, if this is your idea of a joke, it is /not/ funny," he says, his voice lowered to normal octaves.

"No! No, it's not - fuck!" He growls, yanking at his blond hair.
"Kirishima, I need to ask you a favor."

The red head frowns, cocking his head to the side. "Well, sure, Blasty, anythi-"

"No! Stop! Don't say yes so fast," he interrupts, turning to pin him with his red gaze. "This is a really, /really/ big favor."
"How big?"

"...Possibly lose your job big."

Kirishima sucks in a quick breath, his gaze sharpening.

"...What's the favor?"

Katsuki meets his eyes without a hint of hesitation.

"I need you to let me into the Omega Heat Ward."


"Bakugou," the redhead snaps, and he bites down on a growl. "That area is full of unmated, in heat, /criminal/ omegas. And you're an Alpha. It's like throwing a tiger into a pit of steaks and saying he can't hurt them, only for the steaks to stab the tiger."
"I cannot let you in there, I'm sor-"

"Kirishima, please."

The redhead pauses in shock, looking at his friend with wide eyes. In ten years of friendship, he's /never/ heard the Alpha say please.

He didn't think Bakugou even knew was please /was/.
The blond isn't looking at him anymore.

He's glaring at the floor, his hands balled into tight fists at his sides and jaw clenched. He looks...smaller somehow.

"Please," he whispers through gritted teeth. "I have - I /need/ to get in there. I can't explain it, I just-!"
Kirishima sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face.

On the one hand, he could lose his job if Bakugou and, in turn, himself got caught.

On the other hand...

He's never seen Bakugou like this. His been in an /apartment building/ full of in heat omegas and never blinked once.
Whoever was in the Omega Heat Ward must be someone special if it was pushing the Alpha to /this/.

He lets out a soft sigh that turns into a groan, wishing for the millionth time that he wasn't so soft for his friends.

"Take off your clothes."
Bakugou's head shoots up in surprise, only to see Kirishima quickly unbuttoning his shirt.

"Whoa, /whoa/-!"

"Oh, relax," he snaps, shucking his shirt off and laying it on the sink. "There may not be any cameras in the heat ward, but there /are/ outside the door."
He begins to work on his belt next as Katsuki stares in confusion.

"Luckily, it's lights out right now, so if anyone has to pull the footage, they should only see a guard making sure the Omega prisoners have adequate heat essentials during the night."
Katsuki finally catches on, and then he's quick to shed his own jumpsuit.

They're around the same size thanks to Kirishima's frequent gym trips, so the clothes go on without much fuss.

"This, I'll be keeping," the Beta says, holding his gun into the air briefly.
"Not even gonna /risk/ it going back there."

Katsuki nods as the redhead holds up two keys from his ring.

"This key," he says with a gesture to a medium sized gold one, "unlocks the Ward door. The door locks automatically each way, so don't worry about remembering that."
"This key," he continues, holding up a larger, silver one, "is a master key. It unlocks all the cell doors in the prison, heat ward doors included. Cell doors also lock each way, but make /sure/ that none of the omegas get to this key. Or else it'll be /very/ bad for me and you."
Katsuki nods, busy shoving all of his blond hair under the hat that Kirishima had already handed him.

Excitement was bubbling in his gut, and his Alpha was going crazy in his mind, eager for a taste of what they had both been smelling.

"Be careful, Bakugou," Kirishima murmurs.
"Don't make me lose my job."

He nods once firmly.

"I got it...thank you, Kirishima."

And he's gone before Kirishima is finished being shocked that he can say thank you, too.
The scent of his Omega reaches his nose all the way down the hall, and he inhales it the entire walk to the Heat Ward door.

His hands are shaking as he reaches to unlock it, and his knees almost buckle when it actually does.

It's overwhelming.
There are at least seven omegas currently being housed in the heat ward, and the mix of smells is almost suffocating with it's blatant sweetness and lust. He would be disgusted if /his/ Omega's smell wasn't cutting through the other ones, making his dick pulse with need.
❗TW: Voyeurism. Forgot to tag. My bad.❗
There are twelve cells here in all, the bars gleaming softly in the moonlight of the also barred windows. He can see each and every one of the omegas, writhing in their sheets with need.


Oh, he's been noticed.

He glances over at the cell closest to him.
There's a blond omega there, watching him with wide, shocked eyes. He smells like clouds and electricity, and his thighs are glistening with slick.

"Alpha," he calls again, curiously spreading his thighs in offering.

Katsuki shakes his head slowly, frowning.
"No. Not here for you."

The blond pouts for only a few seconds before shrugging, sinking back into his covers with a soft sigh.

Katsuki trails farther down the line, sniffing the air.

The next omega he sees is a female, her hair long and brown.
She has pouty lips, large eyes, and an admittedly nice pair of tits, which she arches to offer up to him as he passes by.

"Alpha?" She asks in a perky voice heavy with lust.

But he shakes his head at her too, moving along.
He passes two females and another male before stopping at the sixth cell, where the smell is strongest.

The omega in there is covered by a thin sheet that seems to accent every dip and curve of a shifting body.

"Omega," he croons softly, wrapping a hand around the cell bar.
The omega freezes, and for a second Katsuki is worried that he may have scared them.

But then the covered body is shifting, sitting up, and the sheet is falling down to pool around a thin waist and-

"Fuck," he breathes, the words punched out of him with awe.
A male Omega is looking up at him, his chest heaving with each panting breath. His hair is wild and vibrant green, and his eyes are sparkling like a freshly cut emerald.

He's got freckles trailing across the bridge of his nose and down his flushed chest.
And when he shifts to his knees, Katsuki catches a glimpse of glistening pubic hair between drenched thighs.


He swallows thickly, pressing closer to the locked door as the freckled Omega looks him over curiously, puffing out his chest in an attempt to look bigger.
"...Alpha?" He asks softly, and holy shit, his voice sounds like bells, but sinful. Soft and melodious and perfect, drenched in want.

He nods slowly, looking deep into green eyes, which means he gets to watch them light up with glee as he smiles shyly.

"Come, Alpha."
He snatches the key ring from his belt, fumbling to open the door and remove the obstacle between him and heaven.

The Omega watches him the whole time.

He yanks at it when it finally pops open, the key ring zipping on its leash back in place.
And then his inside of the cell, the door clicking shut behind him sounding like a bomb in the quiet of the ward.

He's breathing harder than he was a few moments ago, and sweat is gathering under his hat. He feels drunk with something that he can't even name.
He swallows, suddenly nervous as he steps forward.

His Omega is even more breathtaking up close, all plush lips and long eyelashes. He looks fucking delicious, and Katsuki has never wanted to eat something more.

"What's your name?" He asks softly.
Something passes over the Omega's face quicker than he can catch, and then he's smiling softly again.

"Izuku," he purrs, blinking up at him with big eyes as he leans back on his elbows. "And your name, Alpha?"

He gulps loudly, his eyes suddenly locked on spreading thighs.
"K-Katsuki," he stutters, dizzy in the face of such a such blatant lewdness. "Bakugou Katsuki."

Izuku hums, biting down softly on his bottom lip as he reaches down to trace the slit of his glistening cunt with thin, scarred fingers.

"And is this what you want...Katsuki?"
He nods, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides.

"Yes, I-I do, but I don't - I've never-"

He huffs loudly, and the Omega's eyes spark with understanding.

And heat.

"Virgin Alpha," he murmurs, his voice both surprised and hungry, making him shudder.

He nods again.
Izuku beckons him with a finger, and he drops to his knees like a stone in water, already breathing harder.

"Come," he coos again, softer than before as he spreads his legs even wider to accommodate Katsuki's large shoulders.
He knows what a pussy is.

He's seen them when he watches porn, watches Alphas go absolutely rabid for it.

But porn and reality are two different things.

First of all, there's hair.

Not a lot, but enough, covering the entire mound in soft, glistening green hairs.
It makes the smell of Izuku's slick more potent here, since it's trapped in the soft fuzz, and Katsuki groans as his dick strains against the zipper of his pants.

Second of all, the look.

It looks /nothing/ like the ones he's seen in porn.

It looks...small.
Like ridiculously small.

It looks like it could barely fit a finger, let alone Katsuki's dick /and/ knot.

"It's small," he whispers, his red eyes flicking up to meet green ones.

Izuku laughs softly, reaching down with one hand.

"Don't worry. It's sturdy," he replies.
He uses a few fingers to spread himself open, and the smell almost knocks him on his ass.

He whines low in his throat, red eyes taking in every detail, from the flushed, pink color of Izuku's twitching walls, to the hard bump at the very top of his cunt.
He wants to roll around in this smell and take it home with him, drool pooling in his mouth and dick jumping in his pants.

"Fuck," he whispers.

"Soon," Izuku hums, his other hand reaching out to gently cup his chin and tug him closer to his clit.
"Now, do you know what this is, Alpha?"

He swallows back a rush of fluid that does nothing for his parched throat, clawing lightly at the Omega's sheets.

"A-A clitoris," he moans softly, licking his dry lips quickly.

Izuku purrs, pleased with his answer.
"Very good, Alpha. Have you ever seen one?"

He shakes his head as much as he can in the firm grip.

"O-only in porn..."

"Mmm...have you ever licked one?"

He shakes his head again, his heart leaping into his throat.

"Do you want to?"

"God, yes," he hisses.
Izuku's laugh is soft and amused and Katsuki wants to hear it forever.

"Go ahead. /Slowly/."

He leans forward, his tongue already halfway out of his mouth.

The flavor.

It spreads across his tongue like butter on toast, something salty and flavorful that makes his Alpha howl.
But Izuku's shaky moan is even better, his hand tightening around Katsuki's chin. He groans, trying to make that single lick last as long as he can before he has to pull away.

Izuku is panting heavily already, looking down at him with burning green eyes.

"Again," he whispers.
He obeys, dragging his tongue over the firm nub that seems to pulse under the light pressure.

"Again," Izuku says before he's even done, and this time it's a moan of pleasure, his eyelids drooping heavily.

Katsuki moans, eagerly licking at his clit again. And again.
He doesn't wait for Izuku to tell him anymore, he just does it, dragging his tongue and lips repeatedly over the little nub until Izuku's thighs are shaking around his shoulders and his gasping cries are filling the air.
He wants more.

He pauses, tongue pressed right up against it, and waits until frantic eyes meet his own before letting his tongue dip down slowly, a question in his heated gaze.

"Oh fuck," Izuku whines, but he nods quickly, his hand going from a soaked chin to blond hair.
Katsuki's shoves his tongue inside of the small hole, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as it clenches down on the licking muscle tightly. It's immediately messy, slick soaking his chin and cheeks obscenely as he slurps what he can down his throat.
The taste is even better here, quenching his need better than any food or drink ever has. And he's ravenous with it, switching from the clenching hole to his swollen clit hungrily as Izuku's cries get louder with need.

"A-Alpha!" He gasps, yanking at his hair.
"My clit-! Suck my-!"

Katsuki can't do anything but obey, sealing his lips around the small nub and sucking harshly.

Izuku orgasms with a shout, his back arching off the floor as his thighs spasm violently, slick splashing across his chin and the collar of Kirishima's shirt.
Fuck. He's gonna have to buy him a new one. Like fuck is he gonna give it back now.

He sucks until trembling hands push him away, and he bites back an angry growl as he parts from his meal.

Izuku looks absolutely fucked out, flushed all the way down to his belly button.
But he also looks extremely relieved, and Katsuki's Alpha rumbles happily at seeing such a blissed out look on their Omega's face.

/Good. Omega pleased./

Katsuki croons soothingly in his throat as he crawls over the smaller body, and Izuku trills gently in reply.
He shudders when small hands reach down, cupping his dick through the soaked pants he's wearing.

Shit, he couldn't give this outfit back anyways.

"Did you like that, Alpha?" Izuku murmurs, blinking up at him innocently.
He chokes on his answer when the Omega begins to massage him, his knot already half swollen.

"I-Izuku," he moans, watching him with half lidded eyes.

Izuku shudders, moving up to yank his belt undone.

"Fuck, don't say my name like that," he groans as he pushes his pants open.
He almost blacks out when a warm hand grips him through his boxers, his hips jumping forward as a loud moan bursts from his throat. He could probably cum like this, but Izuku is shushing him gently.

"Whoa, easy there, Alpha," he giggles softly, pressing a kiss to his neck.
"S-sorry," he whines, clenching his eyes shut tightly as the freckled man begins to ease his boxers down his tense thighs, freeing his erection to the cool air.

"Mmmm, big Alpha," he groans in appreciation, biting his bottom lip.
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His dick twitches under the man's appreciative gaze, and he croons.

"I'm going to touch you now, alright?" Izuku murmurs, and waits for him to nod before wrapping a soft hand around his dick.

He wheezes weakly, tensing every muscle he has in an attempt to not embarrass himself.
It feels /extraordinarily/ good, way better than his own hand. Soft skin housing a gentle touch that caresses the leaking head of his dick.

"Poor Alpha," he murmurs, but he's smiling as he says it, pleased at how worked up the blond is. "You look ready to burst."
"Fuck," he groans, looking between their bodies to sear the image of pale hands wrapping around his dick into his mind.

"You like that, Alpha?" Izuku purrs, and Katsuki watches as his index finger plays with the sticky precum leaking from the head.
Watches as his Omega uses his own flesh tugs him closer, until the leaking tip is pressed against soaked pubes, mixing their scents together obscenely in the air.

He wants to howl, wants to/thrust/, but he can't, he's too overwhelmed with everything going on.
So he lets Izuku lead, trusting him to guide him.

"I'm not a virgin," the Omega whispers, and Katsuki bites back a snarl at the mere /thought/ of anyone else touching what's his, "but I've been locked up a few years now. Been just me and my hand for these heats."
He listens quietly, red eyes locked on hazy green.

"And I'm not gonna lie. You're /big/. Bigger than I've ever had."


"So I'm gonna need you to be a little gentle with me, okay? Can you do that, Alpha?"

He's nodding before Izuku even finishes speaking.
"Y-yeah, I can. I can, I promise," he whispers, his heart pounding in his chest.

Izuku smiles for him, pleased.

"Good boy," he purrs, and Katsuki's belly fills with /heat/.

He's so turned on by those two simple words that he almost misses when Izuku lines him up.

He's ready for it, begging for it in his mind, desperate to be inside of that slick, delicious hole when Izuku pauses again.

"Can you promise me something else, Alpha?"

"Fuck, y-yeah, anything, just-!"

Green eyes meeting his own silence his babbling.
"Can you promise not to cum, Alpha?"

He inhales, sharp and hurt, and to be honest, he probably would have started crying had Izuku not rushed ahead.

"N-not for the whole time! Like, eventually you can. But can you just...hold it for a while? Let me enjoy it?"
And the thing is, he /really/ wants to say yes. To promise that he can do that for him.

But he's a virgin who's about to fuck the prettiest omega that he's ever seen, and based on how much he's already leaking, the odds aren't looking too good for him
"I-I can try," he replies shakily, flushing with embarrassment. "B-but I can't - n-not for long-"

"Not asking for long. Just asking for not immediately," Izuku says with a soft laugh.

And then he's pulling him forward again, looking into his eyes.

"Remember. Slowly."
Katsuki already wants to cum, honestly.

Just the /feeling/ of his dick pressing against the wet flesh of the other has his balls ready to empty.

But it's nothing compared to how badly he wants to cum when the tip of it pops inside.

"Oh, /fuck/-!"
Izuku moans loudly, arching underneath him as he's stretched open, his Omega trilling happily in his mind.

/Alpha Alpha Alpha-!/

"Alpha!" He echoes breathlessly, his legs quivering where they're pressed flat against the floor as he uses them to lift his hips into the air.
He's not pushing deeper, not just yet.

Instead, he's slowly rocking back and forth, letting the tip repeatedly pop in and out of his soaked hole until the slide is slick and easy, occasionally dragging it upwards to circle around his clit.
He looks completely blissed out, abd Katsuki would find it /soo/ hot if he wasn't /so/ ready to unload everything he's ever had all over Izuku's pretty pink insides.

It's /tight/, first of all. Tighter than any toy he's ever fucked. And it feels like heated, pulsing silk.
Welcoming him each time he enters and sucking at him desperately each time he pulls out.

He's gonna die before he even gets to cum.

"'Zuku," he gasps weakly.

The Omega yelps when he thrusts forward at the same time his hips push up, filling him with another inch.

"Sorry," he whispers frantically, already pulling away, but one long leg wrapping around his waist stops him.

"It's fine! It's fine," he gasps, his head tilted back to reveal a pale throat that Katsuki wants to bite. "I-it doesn't hurt. I was just surprised..."
He looks even more wrecked that before, a vivid blush painting his cheeks red as he gently rocks forward.

Katsuki bites at his inner cheek firmly, his arms shaking on either side of his Omega's body.

"Fuck, you feel so good," he moans, and Izuku moans back.

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