There is an easy and productive way to get out of the outrage loop: Get busy doing your part to save democracy.

I just happen to have a list here (recently updated): 

One way of understanding despair is that it comes from entitlement.

People born after 1954 (the year Brown v. Board was decided) inherited an expanding liberal democracy, by which I mean ⤵️

The great liberal heroes (Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall) did some heavy lifting.

They dedicated their lives, and many risked death.

Sometimes when people inherit something, they feel they are entitled to it. They don't think they have to work for it. They think it was there when they were born, so it's theirs.

Democracy doesn't work like that.

A little history teaches us that there have been powerful forces working against democracy since the beginning.

The reason MLK, Jr. and others were heroes is because they were up against a dangerous enemy.

Some people don't like democracy. . .

Actually, more people than you realize. Anyone who wants instant results like right-this-minute major changes doesn't really like democracy because a system of checks-and-balances isn't intended to work that way.

Democracy is frustrating because you have to compromise. . .

. . . and you don't always get your way.

The battle has to be won in each generation. We're in it now.

Volunteering does more than save democracy. It can help save your sanity by keeping you busy and lifting you out of the daily outrage news cycle. 

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