1/7 Sorry #SidNaaz fans. I truly love this ship more than anyone can imagine. If they decide 2 b together forever in real life I'd b d first 2 celebrate.
However as a principle I've decided not 2 participate in SidNaaz trends. It is because I'm afraid...
2/7 I'm afraid that this might affect #ShehnaazGill's future career. Producers, directors won't always cast her with Sid. They r correct. Casting is done based on role,not fan choice. Sana's just starting her career unlike Sid & I feel it might limit her opportunities.
3/7 Sid already has a huge fanbase who has seen him act with other actresses & they'll always support him. I loved Sana first, then SidNaaz & then Sid too. I'm worried & in doubt that if either of them r casted with another actor/actress that some of these SidNaaz fans might..
4/7 chose not 2 support Sana,because they want 2 c sidnaaz together. It can happen 2 Sid too. But I think d negative effect of SidNaazfans not supporting their solo projects will hv a greater impact on Sana since she hasn't done any previous work with other actors in bollywood.
5/7 I'm just waiting until 1 of Sana's solo projects(at least a MV)2 turn up 2 c how many of #SidNaaz fan r truly going 2 support her alone instead of blaming d producer or singer or director for not casting her with Sid. I know not all SidNaazfans r like this. But just want 2 c
6/7 I want #SidNaaz fans to support both @sidharth_shukla & @ishehnaaz_gill individually in their solo work the same way (Equally) as they do for a #SidNaaz project. Once I am able to get over this fear I'll join u guys. I'm scared that our demands will impact their careers.
7/7 I'm scared that our demands will affect their privacy.
But I will always support them individually & together in any project.
BTW Congrats #SidNaazians 1.5M so soon.
It's just scary & exciting & amazing 2 seeing how much U all love these 2.
Just too scary I must admit
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