has been historically transpiring: The complexity of the layers will feel daunting for everyone, yet be at peace for the foundation of stability has been in place for a several years: One may view the strength of the American currency to comprehend the significance of this
has been historically transpiring: The complexity of the layers will feel daunting for everyone, yet be at peace for the foundation of stability was initiated over a decade & installed: One may view the strength of the American currency to comprehend the significance of this
truth to discover the reality of existing Notification Markers: Have Zero dismay you ever were aware due to the reality the majority have been focused upon other realities everyone deemed important: Subsequently to discover those realities had Zero substance: Substance exist
historically on the private side operations of transactional accounts this is the "right" = Credit side of existing account ledgers that are always held via Treasury Depositary accounts: It is the lack of knowledge pertaining essential transactional operations that people
have very little knowledge about that is one of the many issues: Combined with operating in debt that is the currency of banks & perfectly expressed via a scene from film The International
@Auswake @Tiff_FitzHenry @RoubLisa & how it relates to asset
collateralization that people voluntarily create via trust agreements with banks: It all appears harmless enough yet due to additional combinations in the lack of people's knowledge & historical RICO corruption in the abuse of administrating fiduciary Custodians in collusion
with other corrupted administrating fiduciaries in a myriad of key entrusted (15 USC) transactional positions that range from banking, legal judicial, governmental etcetera created a False perceptions of actual operational realities: For example the lack of comprehension
of existing "Estate" Trust relationships regarding people's individual Trust relationships with any fiduciary Custodian Trust Bank upon entering all revolving debt agreements: Is completely other than Trust relationships the same Custodian bank has with a corporation even
though the entities utilized to plug into the systems construct to move transactional "energy" for an individual whom has a House Estate and an entity a large corporation utilizes are both considered "Disregarded": These are two completely different context of reality & Law:
On the surface the operational mechanics appear the same a Transmitting utility entity is disregarded due to a flow of responsibility yet the type of Status & the origins of the energy are completely different: Hence unless one has this depth in comprehension which few have
this is just one area were a break down in contextual relationships due to specialization & compartmentalization: People often believe they need to open a trust due to viewing corporate trust relationships: When the historical truth is the SSN is a TRUST-FUND for people with
tax exempt organize House Estates: Your family title is considered a House Estate title traditionally associated with the birth father's family House title also known as a surname https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surname  :The given at birth titles or names (first & middle) are perceived as
the Trust component: Hence the disregarded entity is a transmitting utility conduit utilized to move energy through the system for "individual" people is termed a TRUST-ESTATE: When the given-middle-family names are in this order shown are for "public side" account ledgers:
When are in the order of family House Estate first, followed by given then middle Titles or names including at times just the middle initial i.e., ESTATE-TRUST then it is a context of private side account ledgers and operations are being Disclosed: These are very strict
operational realities and Laws that I have been Enforcing & Disclosing: There exist within the House Estate Trust PS depositary account essential basics for serious people who desire to begin to reeducate themselves regarding transactional realities everyone is engaged in:
@DigitalLife11 @RoubLisa & @wickedmouse369 have graciously made it possible for people to be able to archive this substantial data that has been compiled for everyone to private study: It is essential everyone invest in themselves and take time to organize it themselves:
It will require compassion and patience due to the level of False perceptions about transactions has been additionally premeditatedly promoted to create further confusion & frustration: Know as I have historically stated the people's assets are safe & protected: It required
substantial foreknowledge (natural Zero technology was utilized) to orchestrate the present results established: I have disclosed parts of the story & have shared Markers that only I may due to relating to me privately, hence realities that are strictly Private Confidential
However due to a pause I then took the time to disclose these basics openly pertaining to the private side operational reality that only an Alive tax exempt sovereign House Estate Heir may: There was ZERO requirement for me at any time to make this effort, I chose to Protect A-19
everyone, all Assets & the system construct that allows us all via Trust relationships to transact with each other: However due to the infiltration of corruption had become obfuscated to the point of people believing Law & Justice was impossible to regain: Obviously that is A-20
False: It will take time to acclimate to another perception of what people have believed about the essentials of transactional realities & it is a necessary process of responsible maturation, learning & advancing as constructive people:Archive data
1) https://www.docdroid.net/JFbaSit/nea-storm-twitterbackup-final.pdf#page=4
2) https://www.docdroid.net/JFbaSit/nea-storm-twitterbackup-final.pdf
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