The penance: If you take people down an exhausting and highly improbable "what if" rabbit hole, which unnecessarily wears people out, you must do your penance.

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I put time into this, so please, have a look⤵️ 

Don't get me wrong. We have plenty to worry about. But generally people worry about the wrong thing.

At the end of 2018, when we were celebrating the midterms, we should have been worried that Trump was hatching a plot soon known as Operation Ukrainian Shakedown. . .

A plot that was blown wide open and we all learned the truth (and hence took the teeth out the planned disinformation campaign) because we won the midterms.

Who could have predicted a global pandemic that would bring us to discussing mail-in balloting for everyone.

The problem with "what if" rabbit holes is that if you're in one, you can't pay attention to what's really happening.

That's why Trump tries so hard to send you into them.

(yes, he does. 2 years ago he tweeted that he could pardon himself, and people went into a 6-month spin.
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