#CriminalJusticeReform https://twitter.com/governorva/status/1249350296138121216
#parole #reform https://twitter.com/governorva/status/1249350293076283393
#cleanenergy “I just signed the Clean Economy Act, which makes Virginia the first southern state with a 100% clean energy standard. We will continue to lead in the fight against climate change.” https://twitter.com/governorva/status/1249414577135247360
#WorkersFirst “I’m proposing to increase the minimum wage in Virginia starting May 1, 2021, go to $11 on January 1, 2022, and to $12 in January 2023. This will support working Virginians and help our economy rebound as quickly as possible from #COVID19.” https://twitter.com/governorva/status/1249438378082402304
#CovidRelief https://twitter.com/governorva/status/1249472494664286208
#CovidRelief https://twitter.com/governorva/status/1249472495784202241
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