2/ So like @realDonaldTrump, who is not a doctor or an infectious disease expert, Fauchi in late Feb did not foresee how serious the coronavirus crisis would become in the US. Leaders in most Western states -- maybe all of them -- also did not predict this.
3/ Let's add the lies and deception about the virus from China that were parroted by the WHO. A problem presidents have in dealing with potential crises is that there are constant warnings from experts that dont pan out. Was it reasonable to believe in Jan that this virus . . .
4/ . . . would be similar to SARS, MERS or Swine Flu? That is, a serious threat but not on the scale of the current coronavirus? Based on our experience and disagreement among experts, I think it was. Its time for the mainstream media to stop arguing that . . .
5/ . . . @realDonaldTrump should have foreseen this crisis that many experts & almost all foreign leaders did not see. On balance, Trump's handled the crisis well. The Monday morning quarterbacking by the Trump-hating media is to defeat him in November, not objective journalism.
6/ One more thing, I dont want see @realDonaldTrump fire Dr Fauchi. The president needs senior advisers who will tell him what he does not want to hear. Instead, Fauchi has to stop doing interviews with #fakenews media. Why did he agree to go on Al Sharpton's show? @maggieNYT
7/ More more thing. Fauchi said on 1/21: “This is not a major threat for the people in United States, & this is NOT something the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.” So who was @realDonaldTrump supposed to believe at the time? https://twitter.com/RealBasedMAGA/status/1246100596257632256?s=20
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