My female ex used her fist to rape me. Repeatedly. From the ages of 19-21.

I'm beginning to think you sick, rape apologist freaks actually fucking derive some sick pleasure out of making victims relive their trauma. You are fucking freaks. All of you.
This is precisely the same as what the fucking freaks do when they troll and wind up rape victims when it's men doing it.

You are fucking rape apologist freaks. Every single last one of you. Every last LGBA supporter is a rape apologist freak.
You are literally rape apologist freaks. You, and everyone that supports that shit house because they're so obsessed with trans people they don't give a fuck if they hurt women like me in the process. I am legitimately, truly & genuinely disgusted I share a sex with you freaks.
The rape apologism of women like you makes me truly fucking ashamed to be female & the only saving grace is that at least subsequent generations are far more intelligent, kind & compassionate than the hatefulness of you. I pity you & yours. I pity the misery of your existence.
And no, sorry, you don't get to just pass on by it & go "I ignored that but I'll like/agree with this instead". You're still a rape apologist.

Want to tell me your partner was raped so how can you be? Oh, but that was a man, so hers was more *real*. You're still an apologist.
Sorry luv, guess some of you do have a hierarchy in your feminism after all, and some of you are playing your little idpol more than you think.

You're a rape apologist if you support LGB Alliance.

Which is fine, but call it what it is.
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