Can we please do away with the notion that the ultimate goal of education is some quantifiable grade or output?? An output that can be grouped and graphed and submitted to a higher monitoring agency?
And this is really one of the poisons if neoliberalism in education. If you look at assessment standards of universities, it’s always how many graduates produced, how many are working in related fields after grad, how many research publications
Why can’t we prioritize care? Or human welfare? Or fostering creativity among students. Creativity not just in the artistic sense, but in the sense that students are capable of critically engaging in the world and confronting particular, changing circumstances
Freire said that the problem with this kind of education was that it treats the world like a thing. The world is a problem that’s meant to be solved, and when it’s solved, the student gets the grade and learning stops
But learning isn’t just in classrooms and online discussions and readings and in a formal setting. Caring for your family, practicing solidarity with a neighbor, observing the world, these are all part of an education. Not a formal education. But a larger, humanistic education
Freire said that a truly liberating education makes a student realize that learning never stops. Because the world never stops. The world always transforms. And a humanistic education gives us the critical tools to recognize this transformation, and move with it
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