People are attacking me for saying we should stay in lockdown as long as we need. I'm being told to think of all the job loses. But if we lift lockdown early cases will spike meaning we will go back into lockdown. Lockdown will last longer. Meaning more damage to the economy. 1/
Reality is it's low waged workers & people on welfare like me who will take the biggest economic hits because of the lockdown. But I want us to stay in lockdown as long as it takes. I've buried enough of my friends. So I'll be damned if I lose even one to Covid-19. 2/
I've lost so many friends to deaths of despair: overdoses & suicides. I don't want to lose any to covid-19. So please listen to health experts such as @SiouxsieW who has relentlessly said coming out of lockdown too early will result in thousands needlessly dying. 3/3
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