Just pray never to have a home invasion. It undermines all your basic thoughts of safety and to a large extent your confidence in everything including yourself. It means someone was most likely watching you and looking for vulnerability then found it.
I have always been lucky. I stared at Lawrence Anini the notorious robber in the face from an uncle’s balcony in Benin then his gang went to the wrong apartment downstairs. What worried me most was that they were calling the guy ”Victor” as they were beating him up to steal a VCR
Imagine almost killing someone over a VCR that nobody even uses again today? I still wonder who told them that we had just bought one. From that day, I reduced my circle of friends and people who really knew my personal business.
Almost 100% of home invasions come after surveillance or an inside tip. I knew it was Anini after he was caught. The neighbour who was robbed confirmed it too. They found the car they used which they also stole. It had shaved permed hair from women inside. Weird.
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