1) Copied from FB, Hold Them to Account - North Yorkshire: Just heard Boris Johnson’s current girlfriend Carrie Symonds on the radio saying that ‘There is no way Boris can repay’ the medical team that saved his life. I have some very good news for her: He is in fact the one ->
2)person in whole country who can do exactly that. What he has to do is fix the following problems, all of which his party have caused: - 40,000 to 50,000 nursing shortage (20,000 of the promised 50,000 turned out to be fictional) -We have half as many nurses p. capita as Germany
3)- 2017 abolition of trainee nurses bursaries, costing them £9,000 a year to train - Trusts downgrading nurses from the top pay grade to the level below, cutting their pay - Near extinction of district nurses because of a £10,000 charge to qualify over 3 years -Underfunding ->
10) Disclaimer: I have not fact checked all the claims due lack of time momentarily. So if anything is off, let me know. Interested in hearing your thoughts. END OF THREAD.
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