In the midst of this #IbadanUnrest #LagosUnrest #OgunUnrest . The need to reinforce your homes with good security dogs is not to be over emphasized.

#thread 10 best security dogs in no particular order

“Do not get a dog without the consent of your vet. It may end in tears”
1. Rottweiler.
Fearless and resilent guard dogs. Naturally protective of family and properties. With good socialization and training , you’d not have issues with them as they are very stubborn and could be easily triggered.
Cons: Prone to parvovirus and likes herding strangers
2. Dobermann
If you have a large compound and you want a fast “beast”. Little wonder it is flaunted to be frequently used by drug lords and criminals in movies.
Full energetic, powerful and always alert
Cons: needs exercise a lot, barks a lot, difficult if not trained
3. Bull mastiff
Boast of sheer physicality, strength and courage. Their size is daunting and if well trained and exercised would be a perfect fit for a guard dog.
Cons: could be docile in a family environment, needs training and active activities.
4. If you see them, don’t mess with them! Former Italian war dog, natural guard dog intimidating build and size. Needs training on obedience and adequate socializing.
Cons: Exercise required, training is a must, should be owned by an experienced dog owner.
5. German Shepherd
I’m sure we were all waiting for this. Perfect guard dogs with high level of intelligence and loyalty. Needs adequate training and socializing to remove nervousness and fearfulness. Get a good line of German shepherd to get the right result.
6. Belgian Malinois
They are not your typical family dogs, crazy energy, strong, well muscled. They are very protective and territorial. training and socializing is a must. This Breed helped the US kill an ISIS leader last year.

Not for inexperienced dog owners
7. Boerboel
Never a timid dog, strength and athletic,natural protective of family and property. Pronounced boo-r-bull, they are easy to handle for first time owners and require some level of training and socializing. However they need an assertive owner and a good exercise
8. Dogo Argentino
White, very muscular dogs. They were bred for game hunting including wild boars. They are absolutely very protective of their owner. It has a reputation of being aggressive so needs an experienced owner and training is a must because of the energy level
9. Pit bull dogs
Any of the pit bull dogs will always be a perfect guard dog selection; American Bully, American Pitbull, American Bull dog.

Their reputation precedes them for their strength and athleticism. Training for these dogs is a must and exercise is needed
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