Product lead for Singapore's TraceTogether app.

"If you ask me whether any Bluetooth contact tracing system deployed or under development, anywhere in the world, is ready to replace manual contact tracing, I will say without qualification that the answer is, No"
"Any attempt to believe otherwise, is an exercise in hubris, and technology triumphalism. There are lives at stake. False positives and false negatives have real-life (and death) consequences. We use TraceTogether to supplement contact tracing — not replace it."
"One thing that sets TraceTogether apart from most private efforts to build a Bluetooth contact tracer, is that we have been working closely with the public health authorities from day 1. Theory is theory. Application and execution is something else entirely. "
"The team has shadowed actual real-life contact tracers in order to empathise with their challenges."
"In short, some additional API refinements will be needed to make sure Apple’s and Google’s contact detection service is actually useful to public health authorities around the world. Otherwise, this exercise may well be futile from a public health and epidemiological standpoint"
Also on the importance of 'Human-in-the-loop vs Human-out-of-the-loop'
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